“A possible impact of a spiritual reality on the visible world is rarely considered in the mainstream scientific establishment.We have recently established a new research institute with a purpose to group together all open-minded rigorous scientists and intellectuals. This will lead to the creation of many integrated multidisciplinary research groups relating to the core questions. They will reexamine scientific findings while being free from preliminary spiritual or anti-spiritual assumptions. We expect their conclusions to be published in leading scientific journals as well as in popular means.Therefore we will create a virtual space that will provide a fruitful multidisciplinary environment to raise new ideas, organise research groups, have papers peer reviewed and prepared for submission to scientific journals.”



The Founders
דורון אורבךProf. Doron Aurbach, Professor of chemistry at Bar-Ilan University. Was head of the department, head of the electrochemistry group in the chemistry department of chemistry and at Bar-Ilan University, which is one of the world’s leading groups in the field, chairman of the National Research Institute for electric propulsion, chairman of the National Authority for laboratory accreditation, scientific editor in three leading international newspapers in electrochemistry, member of scientific networks and collaborations with research groups and leading industries in the world, won nine awards and both local and international honorary degrees, registered 12 patents and has published hundreds of articles. Research areas: materials and surface science, energy and water desalination, power resources development such as rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles. Lecturer in the fields of physical chemistry, electrochemistry and surface chemistry, as well as on topics from religion and science.. יצחק אוריוןItzhak Orion Ph.D. Senior lecturer, Head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Itzhak Orion is an expert in the field of nuclear radiation physics and applications. His works in the field are related to theoretical calculations for radiation and particles transport in matter, and in development of simulations for medical radiation applications. His scientific contributions involve collaborations with several scientific institutes in Europe, Japan and USA. Dr. Orion wrote three different patents, and main one of them is about a novel method to treat brain Thrombosis to prevent stroke. Among many of his published papers, he published in 2011 a paper about the fundamentals of Quantum Physics, giving a new explanation to the well-known double slit experiment. This paper introduces the Quantum Physics problems in understandable terms in use in many fields, such as the concept of group and equivalence-of-form. Besides , Dr. Orion is studying Kabbalah since 2009.
ברכה קליין תאירDr. Bracha Klein Tayir, education and organizational behavior with a touch of philosophy of science ( University of SF +  Berkely). Her doctoral thesis was considered groundbreaking in its day : Autopoietic Organizations ( based on new biological concept of Maturana and Varela ) . Postdoctoral in Creative Thinking (University of Buffalo .) Student of the “Knowledge Book ” – the new path to evolution.She is one of the top organizational consultants and trainers of spiritual development in Israel, known for her courage to shape unique breakthrough concepts of leadership and organizations. משה טרופProf. Moshe Trop,, Professor of Bio-Chemistry at Ariel University with a PhD from Hebrew University. He taught at Ben-Gurion University, Bar-Ilan University and several colleges in Israel and the USA. Prof. Trop served as Head of the Nutrition Laboratory for Applied Research Institute at Ben-Gurion University, an expert in Nutrition and Kashrut. He has dozens of scientific publications. He authored two books: “The Creation – The Source of Life” and “Mystery in Being” and chapters in several other books. Prof. Trop advised numerous companies including “Osem”, in the field of Nutrition. He registered 25 patents and received several research grants.
אליהו ריפסProf. Eliyahu Rips,Professor of Mathematics at the Hebrew University. Over the years he served as a professor at Colombia University in New York. He is known for his work in geometric and combinatorial group theory. In 1979 received the Erdős prize from the  Israel Mathematical Society. Published articles in: “Annals of Mathematics” and “Inventiones Math”. In 1994, published a pioneering research on cryptography in the journal “Statistical Science” together with Doron Witzthum and Yoav Rosenberg, which aroused great interest in the world both in academia and in popular literature. דב ינאי

Dr.Dov Yanai is an entrepreneur, a businessmen and a leading consultant worldwide. Graduate of Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and PHD in Human resources management. He is an expert consultant in the occupational field, and works as a senior consultant with professionals and organisations of all backgrounds all over the globe. As en entrepreneur and a professional, established and managed several institutions specialised in the field of Human Resources and apply psychology.Among them the ADAM group, the leading human resource group in Israel.

חגי פולקמןDr. Hagai Folkman, Entrepreneur, Physicist, Computer engineer and Philosopher Ph.D. Folkman’s Ph.D suggests new decision making process based on collective intelligence science, model that puts human resource in the center and decentralize the pyramid for sustainable society. Hagai leads innovation process in corporate, entrepreneur communities, education and social activators using Co-Play tool. The full list of our members includes more than 70 scientists and is available here.