A Human Holistic Research

Alternative medicine has been flourishing in recent decades regardless of the meteoric progress of modern physical medicine throughout the past century. Most of today’s alternative medicine is based on ancient healing techniques and founded on the premise that a human being is a single, unified entity comprised of both body and soul. It follows that non-conventional medicine emphasizes healing or preventative procedures stemming from the approach that treatment of the soul cannot be divorced from treatment of the body.

Psychology’s, and in particular, psychiatry’s central school of thought views the body as the ultimate source of all that is relevant to the entity’s health. This is the theory behind which so many successful healing procedures have been built as a result of the feedback acquired from hundreds of millions of treated patients.

Many new alternative mental health care and personality enrichment procedures have become entrenched in the western world in recent decades.

Since it’s inception, our institute has proclaimed its desire to openly address the wealth in all avenues of human wisdom in order to construct interdisciplinary research projects of the highest calibre, utilizing serious research methods.

The short time since founding the institute has revealed potential for extraordinary new opportunities, the likes of which are unfound among research groups anywhere.

Our institute is comprised of fellows from all walks of endeavor, from psychologists, some of whom are developing alternative methods in their field, brain researchers, medical practitioners, alternative medical specialists, some of whom are doctors of conventional medicine, biologists, many autodidacts who have devised or learnt healing and personality enrichment treatments and have been applying them successfully for many years.

Some of the researchers have been inspired by teachings of the far east, some by Judaism, some by western thought and practice and many of them from the integration of multiple sources.

The common denominator of all the fellows in the institute is openness both to spiritualism and to examining the approaches of others. The percentage of well known figures in exact sciences among them is truly remarkable.

There are many approaches to alternative medicine, yet there is still a paucity of precise research, leaving patients with an unclear picture of how to choose between practitioners, each of whom champions her own method. Researching the different methods and their fundamentals in depth would enable finding the best in each approach, discovering new methods and how to integrate them with conventional conventional practice to formulate new, more successful treatments.

We seek to establish a research team which will attentively examine all the alternative procedures, critically scrutinize their theoretical foundations through exacting scientific methods in an attempt to construct a uniform, proven method and to test it in the real world.

The research will purportedly produce a inclusive picture of the human as a whole, without overlooking a single member part. It will be performed open to the possibility that there may be elements disjoined from the physical part, but with no presumption of such at the outset. It is our hope that the research will culminate in a methodology which can be translated into a program of study designed to cultivate creation of unique treatment procedures in the future, to be taught to practitioners and physicians for practical application.

We call out to whomever deals in these fields, particularly to fellows of the institute, to join this important research endeavor.

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