Calling of scientists and spiritual leaders

In recent centuries, science has come to be considered the most reliable source of knowledge in the public consciousness. The success comes from the systematic construction of blocks of knowledge, step by step, through and across generations, among hundreds of thousands of researchers.

The mainstream scientific establishment has made basic assumptions and opinions that have been widely accepted, and it is very difficult to challenge them from within the framework of scientific work. The existence of a Reality, which cannot be grasped by the five senses, is above time and space, and is not a derivative of the thing or things within these limitations, is not accepted by the present scientific establishment. The impact of this reality on the visible world is never considered. Therefore, in many scientific fields, from physics, through the study of the brain to human history, scientists come to conclusions that miss opportunities that maybe would open a new world of perceptions and insights.

In this exciting era we are standing at a crossroads in the history of science. With the current proliferation of scientific findings and the fact that more and more researchers from all science fields are beginning to question those assumptions and basic views, it seems that a paradigm change is needed. The paradigm change is not reflected in a change in the scientific method itself but rather the willingness to explore and openly discuss those issues that so far remained outside the conventional scientific discussion. This change is to be expressed by scientific openness, by expanding research areas and by attempting efficient integration between classical scientific areas and other sources of knowledge.

The time has come for open-minded research that will not take for granted any assumptions and views, including the existence or non-existence of a Reality beyond the senses. The time has come for research that considers all vast human knowledge in its diversity and origins. We believe that a full integration of all areas of human knowledge, while keeping a high level of scientific criticism, moves humanity forward and helps it on many levels.

Various researchers have already internalized the paradigm shift and tried to present groundbreaking research to the world, each in his own field, but they encounter difficulties in publishing and financing their studies. So far, researchers have worked independently, with no coordination and no support. We would like to collect all scientific research done so far in this direction, to connect all professional open minded scientists, and if necessary assist in financing them. In addition, we aim to initiate new studies in many areas and to add to the organization any serious researcher, who is willing to reconsider their earlier assumptions and perspectives. We intend to publish only studies that meet the demands of high quality standards and produce significant evidence. We will publicize this research through many channels, scientific and popular. We will try to project them into the global consciousness in order that they create the impact they deserve.

The Idea which guides us is that proper research should come out of wonder, humility, and endless curiosity to solve the riddle of the universe, together with loyalty to the truth that true scientists have always had.

The Activity of “Hamatara Emet” is based on three pillars: connecting scientists and research, high quality control and historical timing.

We apply to you to join us and support the enterprise.

Hamatara Emet: The Interdisciplinary Science and Consciousness Institute.

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