Members of the Institute

Following are brief CV’s of the institute’s founding members:

Prof. Doron Aurbach, Professor of chemistry and former department head at Bar-Ilan University. Led the chemistry department’s world class electrochemistry group. Chairman of the National Research Institute for electric propulsion, chairman of the National Authority for laboratory accreditation, scientific editor of three leading international electrochemistry journals. Participates in scientific networks and collaborates with research groups and leading industries in the world. Won nine awards as well as local and international honorary degrees. Prof. Aurbach has 12 registered patents and has published hundreds of articles. Research areas: materials and surface science, energy and water desalination, power resources development such as rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles. Lecturer in physical chemistry, electrochemistry and surface chemistry. Expounds on religious and scientific topics.

Prof. Jonathan Garb, Holder of the Gershom Scholem chair in Kabbalah (together with Prof. Yehuda Liebes) in the Department of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He earned his B.A., M.A., Ph.D degrees at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He served as a guest lecturer at the L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris. He received the Hebrew University President’s Prize for Outstanding Researcher (Ben Porat/Pollack Family Foundation). In 2014, he received the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities’ Gershom Scholem Prize for Kabbalah Research. He is member of the editorial board of Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts.

Prof. George Spencer Brown, mathematician, consulting engineer, psychologist, educational consultant and practitioner, consulting psychotherapist, author, and poet, Spencer-Brown is best known for his book “Laws of Form” which Nobel prize laureate Bertrand Russel recommended book by: “Not since Euclid’s Elements have we seen anything like it”. Prof Brown has an M.B. from The University of London (1940), diploma of education from Cambridge (1947-52), Ph.D. in statistics and probability, Oxford (1952-58). Lecturer in formal mathematics at the University of London (1964). From 1969 he was a Member of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics of the University of Cambridge. In the 1970s and 1980s he was visiting professor emeritus to the University of Western Australia, to Stanford University and to the University of Maryland.

Prof. Yosef Bodenheimer, holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Hebrew University, specializing in electro-optics, post-doctoral research in laser spectrometry at King’s College, London University. He joined the Electro-Optics Department of the Jerusalem College of Technology (Machon Lev) in 1973, was appointed Department head in 1982, and became full Professor of Electro-optics two years later. Awarded substantial research grants from institutes and foundations throughout the world, Prof. Bodenheimer has published many papers and holds 11 patents. He has served as a consultant for numerous high technology companies in Israel and the United States, and was a member of several national scientific committees. In 1989 he was elected as Rector, and for 16 years until 2009 was President of JCT. Prof. Bodenheimer takes an active interest in the interaction between science and religion.

Prof. Shlomo Giora Shoham, professor of Criminology at Tel-Aviv University, director both of the Institute of Criminology at Bar Ilan University and the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Law, Tel-Aviv University. Prof. Shoham is a visiting professor at leading universities all over the world. He received his L.L.D. in Law and Criminology, Hebrew University in Jerusalem is a former assistant attorney general of Israel, Prof. Shoham has represented The International Society of Criminology at several conferences, was an International Editor of Excerpta Criminologia, received a number of international awards and served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Criminology. He has authored over 70 books. Throughout his career he has focused on the connection between ancient Greek and Hebrew myth and modern social structures. His book, “The Dialogue between Myth and Chaos” raises the connection between consciousness and matter formation according to Copenhagen Interpretation in Quantum Mechanics.

Professor Abraham Zangen is the head of the brain and behavior lab in the department of life sciences at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.  His main research interest is the mechanisms of altered neuroplasticity in depression, addiction and attentional impairment, and the effects of repeated brain stimulation on markers for neuroplasticity and on behavioral outcomes in animal models for depression and addiction.  He is also studying the potential effectiveness of unique deep transcranial magnetic stimulation coils that he has developed for the treatments of depression, addiction, or ADHD.  The device he has developed for the treatment of depression was already approved by the FDA and other regulatory bodies, while other versions of his device are being tested for their efficacy in other psychiatric and neurological disorders. Prof. Zangen has published over 100 peer reviewed articles, reviews and book chapters, was rewarded with numerous personal prizes for his scientific achievements and received several distinguished research grants.

Professor Abba Engelberg, has a doctorate in operations research from New York University. Was an assistant professor and research assistant at: Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, professor at the Jerusalem College of Technology, taught at Bar-Ilan University and the Hebrew University, Head of Computer Science High School Jerusalem College of Technology, Head of Department of Industrial and Management at the College of Technology at Jerusalem, and vice rector and academic head at Tal Institute near the College of Technology at Jerusalem and head of Tal Institute in 2000-2012. He also worked as a consultant at Datronics and systems analyst at the Bank of Israel

Prof. Harry Friedman, Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in Statistical Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics from the Free University of Brussels under the supervision of Nobel winner Ilya Prigogine. Was a research associate at Weizmann Institute in theoretical spectroscopy. Prof. Friedman won the Weizmann price for best young researcher. He is currently an emeritus professor at Bar Ilan University. Has worked on theoretical and practical subjects such as interaction between lasers and matter including human tissues and cells. Recently studies include applications of laser in the cosmetic industry. Prof. Friedman has been investigating the connection between regulatory rules, moral obligations and free will and the superiority of regulatory rules and duty over natural laws since 1984.

Prof. Sara Sviri is an internationally known scholar in the field of Sufism, Islamic mysticism, with many publications to her name. Formerly at the Universities of London and Oxford, she has been a distinguished visiting professor to the departments of Arabic and of Religious Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2008 a comprehensive compilation of Sufi texts in Hebrew: The Sufis: An Anthology, was published by Tel Aviv University Publications. Currently she is engaged in a project supported by the Israel Scientific Foundation (ISF) of studying and reevaluating the Formative Period of Islamic Mysticism.

Prof. Eliyahu Rips, Professor of Mathematics at the Hebrew University. He served as a professor at Colombia University in New York, known for his work in geometric and combinatorial group theory. In 1979 he received the Erdős prize from the Israel Mathematical Society. Has published articles in: “Annals of Mathematics” and “Inventiones Math”. In 1994, he published his groundbreaking research on cryptography in the journal “Statistical Science” together with Doron Witzthum and Yoav Rosen, which aroused great interest in the world both in academia and in popular literature.

Prof. Motti (Mordechai) Chevion, Professor of Biochemistry and incumbent of the Dr. William Ganz Chair of Heart Studies, Faculties of Medicine and Dental Medicine, and Professor and Head, Section of Biochemistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published two books, 160 cited articles in scientific journals and over 400 abstracts. He was the chairman of the Institute and of important committees in both faculties. Member of the National Advisory Board to the Minster of Defence. Prof. Chevion is Initiator and Scientific Director of the Program for the “Development of Innovative Thinking for Solving Operational Problems” – a series of activities between the Academia and the Top Command of the Israeli Air Force. Director, China-Israel Scientific Exchange Program. Professor Chevion was awarded two honorary professor titles from two Leading universities in China. He is an editor and member of the board of several leading scientific journals. He is the founder and first president of the Israeli Society for Oxygen Toxicity and Free Radicals Research. He has registered eight patents in drug development and processes.

Prof. Larry Horwitz, Professor Larry Horwitz has been Professor (now emeritus) of Physics at Tel Aviv University since his arrival to Israel in 1972 and Bar Ilan University since 1990. He has been involved in physics research programs at the physics departments in Ariel University of the Shomron and in Bar Ilan University. His main efforts in the past forty years, in addition to particle physics have been in the study of relativistic quantum theory and the study of unstable systems in the quantum theory. In 1971, he and C. Piron rediscovered the theory of E.C.G.Stueckelberg (1941) solving the problem by introducing a “world time” for the evolution. He, his students and colleagues have exploited this method in various application fields. His breakthrough book, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics  has recently been published by Springer Verlag.

Prof. David Passig, A futurist specializing in future technologies and their impact on economic, social and educational systems. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Future Studies from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, USA. Prof. Passig is a faculty member at the Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel. He is heading the Graduate Program in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as the Virtual Reality Laboratory. He has written 3 best sellers. Prof. Passig has consulted for many institutes and companies, and has been a director in one of his own. He has consulted with entities in Israel, Asia, Europe and North America. He lectures in colleges, universities, professional associations, government and financial entities. He is a member in the National Council for Research and Development.

Prof. Ouriel Zohar, tenured professor at the Universities of Paris VIII, HEC and the Technion. Has taught 5400 students in Israel and abroad. He competed his doctoral thesis on “The Meaning of Sanctity in Community Theatre” as a source of collective and universal inspiration with excellent distinction at the University of Paris VIII of the Sorbonne in which he spent 9 years lecturing between 1980-1985. Prof. Ouriel has published over 250 articles in the field of theatre and Medical Theatre. His writings express towards the figures of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Peter Brook, Constantin Stanislavski, Jerzy Grotowski, Augusto Boal, Martin Buber, and Aharon David Gordon, as having made deep impressions on his theatre. He translated the works of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: “The Powers of Thought“, “Toward a Solar Civilisation“, “Golden Rules for Everyday Life“, “Man’s Two Natures: Human and Divine“, “Light is a Living Spirit“, ״Creation: Artistic and Spiritual״, “The New Culture Solar and Universal“. His published books include “Meetings with Peter Brook“, “The Giants and Children of the Sun“, “The Importance of Theatre Research in a Scientific/Technology University (such as the Technion)”, “The vision of The Technion Theatre”, “Ma vie en Israël à la lumière des pins parasols” avec Martine Zohar”, “Who Am I God Within Me ?”, “Your love watching me from behind the fence”, “God awakening from crisis to happiness”, “Surprising messages from my group in Heaven”, “THE INVISIBLE GARMENT: How a young man…” in and an additional 37 plays which he wrote and 72 which he staged in Israel and abroad.

Prof. Moshe Trop, Professor of Bio-Chemistry at Ariel University with a Ph.D. from Hebrew University. He taught at Ben-Gurion University, Bar-Ilan University and several colleges in Israel and the USA. Prof. Trop served as Head of the Nutrition Laboratory for Applied Research Institute at Ben-Gurion University, an expert in Nutrition and Kashrut. He has dozens of scientific publications. He authored two books: “The Creation – The Source of Life” and “Mystery in Being” and chapters in several other books. Prof. Trop advised numerous companies including “Osem”, in the field of Nutrition. He has 25 registered patents and has received several research grants.

Prof. Andrew Plaks, Ph.D., Princeton University. Andrew Plaks is a scholar of East Asian studies and comparative literature, with a focus on early Chinese philosophical and literary texts. He is the author of several books on Chinese literature and classical Chinese Philosophy. Prof. Plaks divides his time between the Hebrew University, Tel-Aviv University and several universities abroad, including Princeton University, where he is a professor emeritus, and Peking University.

Prof. Amichai (Ami) Arieli, Associate Professor (emeritus) in the field of Nutrition, Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Hebrew University. Prof. Arieli has a Ph.D. in Animal Sciences, the Hebrew University. He served as Head of the Section of Animal Sciences and Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Agriculture.

Prof. David Itzhak, Associate Professor in the Materials Engineering department of Ben Gurion University of the Negev’s engineering school since 1977. He received his B.Sc. in chemistry & physics, M.Sc. in applied chemistry and Ph.D. in materials science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His main academic publications are related to corrosion, failure analysis, vapor deposition and powder metallurgy. Senior consultant in corrosion, failure analysis and trouble shooting in the Israeli chemical industries ICL and Teva since 1983. He has performed hundreds of case studies summarized in internal reports. He is the author of – Corrosion & Risk Assessment from theory to Practice, valuable in reducing risk factors.

Rabbi Prof. Daniel Michelson, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. His specialty is in numerical analysis and differential equations. In the last 17 years engaged in many studies in mathematical topics related to Judaism and the Land of Israel. He has worked extensively on the Mathematical Design of the Land of Israel

Professor Mordechai Efraim Kislev, Professor emeritus of botany and archaeobotany at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University; Ph.D. in Biology from the Hebrew University. Many of Prof. Kislev’s studies in Hebrew deal with issues related to science and religion, such as “kezayis”, “kabeitza” and “kakotevet”, the precise volume respectively of an olive, an egg and a crude date fruit. His papers in English usually deal with archaeobotany; among other things he studied the botanical findings of Masada during the Great Revolt. Prof. Kislev is a Member of “Return our judges – the establishment of the Great Court”, which tries to revive the idea of Sanhedrin. See his list of Hebrew publications at the Jewish sciences article list, RAMBI

Prof. Boaz Barack, Ph.D. in International Law and Economics, Cambridge University, England. He has established a reputation and network as an economic and political commentator in the press. He was a Professor of Business Law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at Tel Aviv University. He published books and articles on Wealth Management topics, investment matters, trading practices and global economic and trade developments. He is a known speaker at business conferences and at major banking gatherings. Prof. Barack is currently a Member of Senior Management at UBS Wealth Management, AG (Managing Director), based in Zurich, and is Chairman of Israel (since 2007). Member in Weizmann Institute International BOARD. He joined UBS from Credit Suisse where he was for 13 years a Member of Senior Management (MD) and Market Head for Israel (1997-2007). Boaz Barack was in charge of defining the Israel Market strategy for both Swiss large banks (CS and UBS) and for setting up their local market operations in Israel respectively. Previous employers: Merrill Lynch International (adviser), ML International, Switzerland, Credit Suisse Private Banking (senior manager). His previous private wealth and risk-management company in Israel (Dr. Boaz Barack Ltd.) was acquired by the Rothschild Group (France & CH) in 1990

Prof. Yakir Shoshani, theoretical Physicist, studying the priori Elements of Reality and Consciousness. Finished his first and second degrees in Mathematics and Physics at Hebrew University and Ph.D. in Theoretical Nuclear Physics in Tel Aviv University, 1976. He has served as lecturer and researcher at Universities and Colleges in Israel and abroad (e.g. Cornell, North Carolina, Manchester, Victoria). Main areas of research are: Building a formal theory to describe in a priori way reality and consciousness which has a surprising prediction power and creativity. Prof. Shoshani has published 6 books and about 70 publications in various fields.

Prof. Alon Warburg, associate professor in the Medical faculty of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Entomologist, researching transfer of diseases through blood sucking insects. Completed his studies in the Hebrew University followed by post doctoral specialization in microbiology and medical entomology at Yale University, the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the University of London, England. Teaches microbiology and entomology courses to students of biology, medicine and research management in Israel, Ethiopia and South America. Has published over 75 scientific papers and won many research grants.

Prof. Tova Gamliel, details soon.

Prof. Yoav Elstein, details soon

Prof. Maria- Lourdes Arguelles, Ph.D. in Education with specialization in Psychology. Currently, Professor Emerita of Education and Cultural Studies, Claremont Graduate University, California licensed psychotherapist, and ordained Dharma teacher (Lopon) in the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Born in Cuba of paternal Jewish ancestry and educated around the world. Interested in the exploration of the intersections of the new sciences with the spiritual traditions of Vajrayana and Kabbalah and the applications of the results of these explorations to the areas of pedagogy, psychotherapy, and social/subtle activism. Presently, working clinically on a pro-bono basis with new immigrants to the US who exhibit intergenerational transmission of trauma and with survivors of domestic and political torture utilizing tarot/metaphoric cards, imagery(i.e, utilizing Madame Colette’s work), and hypnosis among many techniques. Trained in quantitative, qualitative, and transpersonal research methods.

Prof. Yoav Ben-Dov (z”l), born in 1957 in Tel Aviv, Israel, died 2017 in Israel. Part of his childhood was in Ethiopia. Studied physics and philosophy of science in Tel Aviv University, and did ohis doctorate in Paris-13 University on the philosophy of quantum mechanics. Lectured for 18 years in Tel Aviv and other universities. Author of the first Tarot book in Hebrew (1981). Studied Tarot and psychomagic with Alexandro Jodorowsky in Paris in the mid-1980′s. Restored and published CBD Tarot de Marseille (2008-2010), and in 2013 published the book Tarot-The Open Reading  his way of reading the Tarot, based on the three following points.  First, a Tarot card does not have a fixed meaning which can be learned in advance. Rather, the meaning emerges from what we can see in the card. Second, the function of each position in a spread is also not fixed. Rather, it depends on the card combination. Third, we don’t start by interpreting each card separately. Instead, we first try to see the whole picture.

Prof. Moshe Iron, internist, an expert with a professorship in Chinese Medicine since 1991, granted in Moscow by the World Health Organization through a Hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Doctorate since 1977, graduated from the first class of medicine at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, majoring in Chinese medicine in Taiwan in 1981. Developing Chinese medicine and added more fields. Is familiar with and appreciates the spiritual domain and its significance in professional and private life. He is developing many consumer-related health products that will soon join the market.

Prof. Dror Fixler, a returning scientist from South China Normal University in Guangzhou, is a member of Bar Ilan University’s Nano Photonics Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials (BINA) and a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering. Prof. Fixler is an expert in fluorescence imaging and photonics research including the emission, transmission, detection and sensing of light for biomedical properties. He has developed new simulation methods the interaction of radiation and matter and for fluorescence life times, new technologies for super resolution microscopy, medical testing and communications networks. Prof. Fixler has published over 60 academic papers and has 8 registered patents. He is an ordained rabbi on the board of the Tzohar rabbinic organization and a halachic researcher in the Birkat Moshe yeshiva located in Ma’aleh Eddumim where he has published 4 volumes of Maimonides’ commentary on the Mishnah and dozens of Torah articles on the Rambam and on science and Halacha..

Dr. Avi Elkayam, details soon

Dr. Anat Lerner, Ph.D. (Operation research, Business Administration, Tel Aviv University), M.Sc and B.Sc (Computer Science, Technion), is a senior faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Open University of Israel. In addition, Anat is a process-work diplomate. Process-work discipline, founded by Dr. Arnold Mindell, belongs to the mind-body psychology, that respects every event that happens as an important and integral part of the process. For example: physical symptoms, “accidental” timing and synchronization, obstructions experienced as a nuisance, dreams, paralinguistic prosodic speech elements, etc.  are not accidental, rather tools that can support growth and deeper understanding. The therapist in this paradigm is a facilitator, a campaign, that comes from a position of watching, curiosity, a clean slate, without opinions prejudice, without an agenda, without judgment, whose role is to help raise awareness to events that occur inside and out, awareness of the smallest signals of sensations as they arise. In recent years, Anat combines the two worlds of computer science and psychology and researcher voice signals, in order to discover mathematically, using signal processing and machine learning tools, subconscious cues and characteristics of emotions and behaviors.

Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris Ph.D. is an internationally known evolutionary biologist, futurist, author and speaker, US and Greek citizen living in Spain. With a post-doctoral degree at the American Museum of Natural History, she taught at MIT and the University of Massachusetts, contributed to the NOVA-Horizon TV series, is an advisor to Ethical Markets and holds the Elisabet Sahtouris Chair in Living Economies at the World Business Academy. She has convened symposia on the foundations of science in Hokkaido and Kuala Lumpur, and her venues include the World Bank, UN, Boeing, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, South African Rand Bank, Caux Round Table, Tokyo International Forum, Xynteo TPT, the governments of the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, Sao Paulo business schools, State of the World Forums, Bahrain banking conference, Sri Lanka Design. Author of EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution; A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us; and Biology Revisioned with Willis Harman.

Dr. Itzhak Orion Ph.D, Senior lecturer, Head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Itzhak Orion is an expert in the field of nuclear radiation physics and applications. His works in the field are related to theoretical calculations for radiation and particles transport in matter, and in development of simulations for medical radiation applications. His scientific contributions involve collaborations with several scientific institutes in Europe, Japan and USA. Dr. Orion wrote three different patents, and main one of them is about a novel method to treat brain Thrombosis to prevent stroke. Among many of his published papers, he published in 2011 a paper about the fundamentals of Quantum Physics, giving a new explanation to the well-known double slit experiment. This paper introduces the Quantum Physics problems in understandable terms in use in many fields, such as the concept of group and equivalence-of-form. Dr. Orion has been studying Kabbalah since 2009 with the Bnei Baruch world organisation.

Dr. Ora Setter, teaches at Recanati Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University. Teaches organizational behavior and organizational consulting. Chairman Psychodrama School, the Buddhist theory of mind. Writer, researcher and teaching programs on management and spirituality, as well as the management and Buddhism.

Dr. Francoise Tibika, was raised in Algiers and Paris (1954-1968), immigrated to Israel in 1968. She become an autodidact, entering the chemistry dept. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she received a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1986. Dr. Tibika is a devoted student of the renowned Algerian Jewish physician, thinker, and natural healer, Colette Béatrice Aboulker-Muscat (1909–2005) who used introspection as a way through guided imagery and taught the powers of imagination and emotions on our inner being. Dr. Tibika became a researcher and writer at the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2000. Her first publication, A quoi pensent vos molécules appeared in French in 2010, then in English as Molecular Consciousness in 2013 . Dr. Tibika researches energetic materials applying Torah and Jewish spiritual heritage, attempting to bridge the gap between matter and mind, science and spirituality.

Dr. Ronit Rotem, Ph.D. in biochemistry from Tel-Aviv University. Main areas of research are in signal transduction mechanisms and the interaction between biology, disease and spirituality. Dr. Rotem teaches biochemistry and cell biology at the Sackler school of medicine and a gives a seminar on biology and spirituality at The School of Philosophy in the faculty of humanities in Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Rivka Fabrikant, Ph.D From Tel Aviv University on: Time and Space Concepts in Modern Sciences (from the 16 century till now), under the supervision of Professor Juval Portugali. About 30 years of teaching and research in Tel Aviv University. Post doctoral specialization on David Bohm’s thinking. Last decade was devoted to studying Bohm’s writings and translating some of his writings into Hebrew. The translation of Bohm’s “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” will be published soon.

Dr. Liora Weinbach, linguist, senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University. Active in 3 areas: Methodology of acquiring Hebrew as a second language – stood at the head of the prime minister’s office project to develop a methodology for self learning of the Hebrew language in the former Soviet Union. Authored a series of didactic dictionaries for students of Hebrew which was published in 9 languages. Research into the evolution of thought and speech amongst speakers of 12 languages, revealing the universal aspect of human discourse resulting in a theoretical and practical model bolstered by MRI. The interdisciplinary model was adopted by Tel Aviv University’s School of Education, the Movie and Television faculty of Bar Ilan University, and in the law faculty’s graduate courses in Mediation. Research of layers of speech and their reflection in the Bible and in the heritage of nations led to revealing the encrypted strata map in Biblical Hebrew. The findings were consolidated into the ‘Heritage and Science’ series of books to be published by a cooperative Internet venture by Penguin and Random House..

Dr. Ze’ev Feuchtwanger, Director of the Diagnostic Imaging Department at the Sanz Medical Center – Laniado Hospital in Netanya, affiliated with the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Graduate of the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem. Diagnostic radiology specialist. Views modern theories such as Structure of Matter, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, and the Big Bang as drawing Jewish outlook closer to human intelligence.

Dr. Shmaryahu Keidar, more details soon.

Dr. Uri Ben Yaakov, more details soon.

Dr. Nadav Yofeh Nevo, M.D.Graduated the Ben Gurion University (Beer Sheba, Israel) medical school at 2001. Specialist in Psychiatry since 2007 (internship at the Beer-Yaakov mental health center).
2007-2013 – Executive director of the Beer-Yaakov mental health center emergency department and in charge of the hospital’s emergency medical treatment.
2013 – a director of a mental health clinic at Maccabi medical services.
2010 – an expert member and supervisor (since 2014) at the Israeli association for cognitive-behavioral treatment (ITA).
A registered member at the American cognitive behavioral therapy organization (NACBT).
A registered member at the Parapsychological association (PA).
A registered member at the Society for scientific exploration (SSE).
Owner of a private clinic since 2006.
Fonder of the GODAI treatment method – Spiritual Integrative Therapy – A therapeutic method that combines a spiritual essence of growth and personal development, based on the five elements of life, reincarnation, Tibetan Buddhist and Jewish philosophy.
This spiritual conceptualization is expressed, apart from the use of meditation, Cymatics (including Tibetan singing bowls), through implementation of modern therapeutic tools of the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), therapeutic elements from the Trilotherapy method and the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Dr. Akiva Korel, details soon.

Dr. Ori Leshman, details soon.

Dr. Gaby Avital, more details soon.

Dr. Ayval Leshem Ramati, details soon

Dr. Yael Porat, PhD., is founder and CEO of BioGenCell Ltd., a biotechnology company focusing on stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Dr. Porat earned her PhD in immunology from the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University.
Prior to founding BioGenCell, she served as head of the Global Biological Development Department at Teva Pharmaceuticals and as CTO at TheraVitae, where she led the translation of innovative research into the production of stem cell-based therapies used to treat patients with severe cardiovascular diseases.
BioGenCell is developing groundbreaking technology for automated production of patient-specific, blood-derived stem-cell-based therapies. The company’s proprietary technology utilizes immune-directed stem-cell specific activity to create cell-based products for a wide range of diseases. BioGenCell’s first line of products targets incurable vascular diseases, such as heart failure, stroke and Peripheral Artery Diseases.

Dr. Dov Yanai is an entrepreneur, businessmen and a worldwide occupational consultant. Graduate of Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Ph.D. in Human resources management. Dr. Yanai has established and managed several institutions specializing in Human Resources and Applied Psychology, including Israel’s leading human resource group, The ADAM group. He specializes in recruitment selection, psycho-medical diagnoses, organisational consultancy and development. Consultancy clients include the international consulting group, Genesis Consulting, A.M.I – The center for family business counselling, Adam Bgalil – The center for new thinking in management. He heads the career counselling and therapy center- Lekol Adam Yesh Shvil, named after his wife’s popular book. Dr. Yanai focuses on “the human side of management”, human potential field, and on international social employment solutions. He was chairman of The Association of Occupational institutes. A fervent futurist, Dr Yanai has investigated the future work place and human aspects of accelerating change co-chaired The Israeli Future Society.

Dr. Bracha Klein Tayir, education and organizational behavior with a touch of philosophy of science ( University of SF + Berkeley). Her groundbreaking doctoral thesis in its day was on Autopoietic Organizations ( based on new biological concept of Maturana and Varela ) . Postdoctoral in Creative Thinking at The University of Buffalo and student of the “Knowledge Book ” – the new path to evolution. She is one of the top organizational consultants and trainers of spiritual development in Israel, known for her courage to shape unique breakthrough concepts of leadership and organizations. Dr. Klein Tayir specializes in assisting people and organizations to achieve higher dimensions of existence and success. She has written 6 books. She is the founder of leading centers of consultation, training, and consciousness development, including PTS, Tantalus, Heheye, and recently, The Argania Center. An expert in the rapidly changing work reality, she teaches how to flirt with uncertain reality; develops people as influential leaders; develops innovative, energetic, conscious, and successful organizations; empowers a new type of employees – gold-collar workers, and a new type of position-holders in tomorrow’s organizations – CCOs.

Dr. Avraham Levy, earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Life Sciences, Tel-Aviv University and his Ph.D from The Weizmann Institute of Science. He conducted his postdoctoral work at the Biozentrum Research Center of Basel University, Switzerland, then led a research team in plant genetic engineering at IPRI (International Plant Research Institute, California, USA) . He headed The Plant Genetic Engineering Unit at the Canadian start-up, ALLELIX. His scientific activities include: induction of gene activity in genes responsible for resistance to viruses of some plants, demonstrating susceptibility of active genes to u.v. irradiation, structural changes in chromatin that undergoes DNA replication in animal embryo cells, study of chromatin structure with respect to gene regulation in animal cells. Dr. Levy developed a method for the isolation of plant cell nuclei by separating replicating DNA from non-replicating DNA and a method to chemically immobilize small DNA fragments to a paper for the purpose of nucleic acid hybridization. His scientific findings were published in prestigious scientific Journals, such as Nature, Cell, Virology, Nucleic Acid Research, Journal.Cell Biol., Gene, Methods in Enzymology, Quanti. Biol., Experientia. Dr. Levy currently lecturers in the orthodox branch of The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and on various topics of science, faith and health.

Dr. Alon Retter, Ph.D. in Physics (Astronomy) from Tel Aviv University; postdoc in UK, Australia and USA. He is developing a theory of gravity that adds consciousness (the observer) into the equations. The model holds great potential for explaining the yet to be understood by science dark matter and dark energy that constitute about 95% of the universe. Developed the Astro-Sociology model that surprisingly binds people and stars. Six predictions of the seemingly absurd model have already been verified! Dr. Retter has published 63 papers in refereed journals and 100 other academic publications to date. A complete list of Dr. Retter’s publications can be seen on the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System.

Dr. Dalia Rezinski, details soon

Dr. Gaya Loren, details soon

Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man, details soon.

Dr. Sarit Lipschitz, details soon.

Dr. Smadar Levy, Ph.D. In Biochemistry from the Hebrew University. Research study in the field of toxicity mechanisms of Free Radicals in biology and medicine. Post –doctorate in the United States. Has published several scientific papers and received a Young Investigator Award for her contribution to science. Following seminal event in 2009, opened to the spirit world and start exploring in the fields of consciousness and New Age. Today, writing and merging science and spirit.

Dr. Israel Belfer, received his Ph.D. (2012) in the history of science from Bar Ilan University’s STS (Science, Technology and Society) program for his research on the impact of Information Theory on 20th century science. He was a research assistant and a postdoctoral fellow at the Edelstein Center for the Philosophy of Science (2012-2013), Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and the Jacques Loeb center in Ben Gurion University in the Negev. Dr. Belfer participates in research groups dealing with Bioethics, Israeli Society, and Religion-Science relations. Among Belfer’s topics of research: current scientific discourse, new institutions and new styles of reasoning in an information-rich environment, modes of science and their relationship to other forms of thought and life.

Dr. Ofra Shacham, details soon

Dr. Karen Jackson, details soon.

Dr. Tsemach Assif, details soon.

Dr. Einat Ramon, details soon.

Dr. Elliot Pines, received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Solid State Structures Laboratory at UCLA. He has over 30 years in senior scientist/engineer positions for the aerospace, semiconductor and bio‑inspired technologies & systems sectors including the Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon, Telasic Communications, Boeing Satellite Center, JPL, and Corinthian Ophthalmic. He received the Hughes Aircraft Radar Systems Superior Performance Award, and Company Recognition Award for Outstanding Technical Excellence, and a Division Award for inventing of a novel optical sensor. He was a peer reviewer for the Elsevier publication, Neural Networks. Co-inventor on two micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) patents. Dr. Pines has a deep interest in science and religion with presented papers at the Association of Orthodox Scientists and B’Or HaTorah Torah and science Conferences, (BHT vols. 15, and 17). He also wrote a religion and science column for the California biweekly, The Messenger. Dr. Pines sees Kabbalah as an overarching key to religious and scientific perceptions of reality and hopes that will become an inner spiritual bridge uniting the religious and secular perspectives.

Dr. Avital Tzofeh, details soon.

Dr. Jonathan Bentwich, Ph.D, Dr. Bentwich is a Neurocientist trained at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL, harboring 6 Nobel Prize Laureates) who did his Ph.D. in one of the top ten private Universities in the USA, Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Bentwich has invented the only effective treatment of Alzheimer’s disease to date, capable of regenerating lost cognitive functions in early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) (Bentwich et al., 2011). Dr. Bentwich also developed a new hypothetical ‘Computational Unified Field Theory’ (CUFT), which has been recognized as one of the contemporary candidate ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) and read by over 18,000 scientists around the world (Bentwich: 2012 a & b; 2013 a & b).

Dr. Dror Green, Ph.D. in psychotherapy (supervised by Prof. Robert Young) from Regent’s College, City University, London, founder and director of the Institute of Emotional Training in Bulgaria. His Emotional Training method is based on a revolutionary model of the human emotional process. As the director of Cogito School of Psychotherapy he has trained psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, family doctors and educators. Expert in psychotherapeutic relationship, Freud’s case studies and therapeutic ethics. A pioneer in online psychotherapy, developed the first online clinic and extensively researched the field of online psychotherapy. Dr. Green has author ed some forty books, including the English publications, ‘Emotional Training’, Ground Rules and Relationship in Psychotherapy’ (soon), ‘The Online Clinic, Relationship in Online Psychotherapy’ (soon) and Hebrew publications ‘Freud versus Dora’, ‘The case of Freud’s Case Studies’, ‘Psychotherapy, consumer’s guide’, ‘Another View of Psychotherapy’. He graduated from Rubin Academy of Music in composition and the Hebrew University in philosophy and musicology. His research involves his activities as a painter, illustrator, photographer, author, musician and inventor.

Dr. Kitzia Alon, Researcher of poetry and literature, holds a doctorate in Hebrew literature from The Hebrew University. Postdoctoral fellow at The J. R. Elyachar Center for Studies in Sepharadi Heritage of Ben-Gurion University. Author of several books: The Third Opportunity for Poetry: Reflections on Eastern Poetics, Kibbutz HaMe’uchad Publishing, co‑authored The art of symptoms: reading Aharon Appelfeld’s fiction together with Prof. Yochai Oppenheimer, Gamma Publishing and The Rebellious Black Rose – Readings in Eastern Poetry, Modan Publishing.

Dr. Sarya Droyan, details soon

Dr. Ofer Melamed, details soon

Dr. Hagai Folkman, Entrepreneur, Physics, Computer engineer and Philosopher Ph.D. Folkman’s Ph.D proposes a new decision making process based on a collective intelligence science modeled around human resources and a decentralized pyramid for sustainable society. Hagai heads innovation processes in corporate and entrepreneur communities through educational and social activators generated by the Co-Play tool.

Dr. Gerson Metzger, Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University. Was a member of the National Council for Research and Development, Department of patents and at the Department of Physics and Deputy Director of the NCRD. Served as Senior Vice President, Managing Director and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science. Was advisor to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Taught at Yeshiva University and Technological College Jerusalem. was a member of the board of directors of a number of large organizations, such as the Scientific bi-national Foundation of Israel – USA.

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Nasi, Holds a doctorate in education. Lecturer in the psychology department of Ben Gurion University, the social sciences department of Hadassah College, the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and in the Lifshitz College of Education. He is also a guest lecturer at the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, in Beit Berl College and elsewhere. He lecturers in the fields of the philosophy of science, psychology and Judaism, Ethics and Halacha in psychotherapy amongst others. Director of the Manof Center (of the Arachim Jewish outreach organization) and sits on the directorate of the Arachim organization in which he manages the research department and the department of development and instruction of lecturers. Has authored dozens of research papers in the fields of science, Jewish psychology and Jewish philosophy.

Dr. Oz Martin, born in Tel Aviv, graduate of Ben Gurion University’s Medical School in Beer Sheva (1984). Expert in Pediatric Medicine (1990). Regional Director of Kupat Cholim (1996-2000). Graduate of the Magid Institute‘s Psychotherapy training program. Master of Public Health (MPH 1993) and Public Health expertise from the Hebrew University (2003). Has maintained a private Mental Health Clinic in Yerushalayim since 2001. Authored “The Influence Connection“, 2008 and “Inner Strength“, 2014. Interests include bonding of body and spirit as well as Brain Studies and Neuroplasticity.

Dr. David (Dudi) Katz, Ph.D. in Physics (Nanotechnology) from the Hebrew University and post-doctorate at USA in this field. Dr. Katz works in defense industries, implementing university research methods when possible, to enrich the industry’s vast existing knowledge store.

Rabbi Dr. Doron Ledvin, details soon.

Dr. Michal Sadan, Ph.D. from The Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies’ Jewish History department of Tel Aviv University. Research Interests: archaeology, art history, Bible, classical and cultural studies, Jewish studies, fine arts, multiculturalism, visual & performing arts and Zionism.

Dr. Gabriel Bukobza, Ph.D. in psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2004). Faculty member in the Psychology Dept. of the Peres Academic center, and adjunct lecturer at the Department for Education and Development in Tel Aviv University’s School of Education. Dr. Bukobsa has published and lectured extensively on his research in adolescent development, identity formation, modern identity of men and fathers, disruptive behaviors in childhood, and neuro-education.

Dr. Yosef Klein, details soon.

Dr. Riki Goldbart, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (biotechnology) from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Ph.D. thesis: “Calcium responsive bioerodible drug delivery system”. Postdoctoral fellowship: “CNS neuropathy in diabetes”, at the Anesthesiology Department, School of Medicine, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Currently works as a research associate at the Chemical Engineering Department in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Dr. Eyal Cohen, details soon.

Dr. Yehudah Rot, Ph.D. Physics lecturer at the Technion, with tenure at Oranim College. Dr. Rot’s research is in the foundations of Quantum Theory taking extra care to prove the non-speculative nature of his publications.

Dr. Nirit Olitzur, details soon.

Dr. Aharon Alexandrovitz, details soon.

Dr. Yehuda Schnaps, has a B.Sc in Physics and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University and a B.A in Mathematics and Natural Science from the Open University. He has an M.Sc and Phd. in Math and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University. The Phd. thesis is in the field of Functional Analysis. R&D ,software and algorithms expert in various start-up companies and intelligence associations in AI , optimization, natural languages and data mining. Won numerous national awards for my works. former and current outside-lecturer in several colleges, including the Lev Academic Center and Bar-Ilan university in mathematics and computer-science. Lecturer and expert on explaining the integration between science, Chassidut and Kabalah. Has written an innovative article on the subject.

Dr. Tamar Blumenfeld-Katzir, entrepreneur, scientist and independent since 2009 in providing research services to the biotech community, especially in the field of MRI. Has a degree in Biotechnology engineering from Ort Braude College, a master’s degree in Genetics and Pathology and a PhD in Neurobiology from the Tel Aviv University. With a vision to establish a center to improve the medical knowledge to the public and with a desire to promote the study of consciousness. With her widely networking to scientists, physicians and spiritual teachers her goal is to achieve a unity and harmony. Tamar married and a mother of three children, her motherhood leads her to understand the great importance of being enlightened parent and giving a personal example.

Dr. Judith Achi-Dror, M.D., Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, 1983. She studied Homeopathy at Bar Ilan University and the Center for Health Sciences. She is former Head of the homeopathic division at Maccabi HMO teaching Classical Homeopathy to M.D.’s and Pharmacists for over a decade. Dr. Achi-Dror’s professional toolbox includes Family Constellation, Life Alignment, Gestalt (Bar Ilan University), Transpersonal Psychology, EFT and Organizational Consulting (Tel Aviv University). She has over 25 years of experience in helping people in physical and emotional alignment, finding their professional vocation, spiritual growth and in business and organizational alignment through psycho-energetic tools.

Dr. Stephen Fulder, born in London, 1946. Doctorate in biochemistry from Oxford University. Has practiced a variety of meditation forms since 1975. Leader of Buddhist practice in Israel, founder and senior teacher of Tovana, the Israel Insight Society. Over the last 20 years he has taught many meditation courses and retreats in Israel and beyond, and guides teachers in Israel. Dr. Fulder worked in herbal and complementary medicine has written 14 academic and popular books in the field of inner and outer healing. Dr. Fulder founded the ‘Middleway’ organization to promote regional non-violence and peace. He has guided programs applying dharma teachings in spiritual care to the terminally ill, in social activism, and in relation to Jewish teachings. He is a founder of and lives in the ecological village of Clil.

Dr. Galit Berestock, details soon.

Dr. Michael Benisty, Ph.D. in Plasma Physics from Pierre Marie Curie University, Paris. Dr. Benisty works as a physicist, developing navigation systems in defense industries. His interests include the philosophy of science.

Dr. Keren Arbel, Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies. Her research critically examined the traditional Buddhist distinction between the “practice of serenity” (samatha-bhavana) and the “practice of insight” (vipassana- bhavana) in early Buddhist texts, challenging the traditional positioning of the four jhànas under the category of “serenity (or concentration) meditation” and the premise regarding their secondary/superfluous role in the early Buddhist path to liberation. She has an MA (with distinction) in Buddhist Studies from Bristol University, and BA (Magna Cum Laude) from the Department of East-Asia Studies and the Department of Jewish Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University. Keren reads Pali and specializes in Early Indian contemplative traditions, Pali Buddhism, Buddhist meditation and the Theravada tradition.

Dr. Shalom Serebrenick, details soon.

Dr. Dida Kimor, Ph.D. in Philosophy, more details soon.

Dr. Boaz Amihai, Ph.D. in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University. Instructor and researcher of Buddhist meditation. I first met Tibet Buddhism in the early 1990’s and spent years learning ant practicing in northern India. I enriched my method of practice during years in Thailand and Burma. I added the academic research aspect to my method upon return to Israel. My doctoral dissertation describes the meditative training map in the early Buddhist period based on still untranslated Tibetan and Sanskrit documents. My research focuses on understanding the cognitive potential and cognitive transformation in parallel with my textual academic work, in my contemplative research on the introspection of meditation and in my activities as an instructor of meditation in various frameworks. I have been interested in learning the interface boundaries between the scientific academic learning to which I have become accustomed in western culture and the traditional research learning prevalent in eastern tradition for thousands of years. This learning transpires in a number of frameworks and in fruitful cooperation with outstanding researchers and associates in my field, including, amongst others, workshops integrating meditative exercises and academic discourse.

Dr. Uri Or, Ph.D., Physics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The heart of my interest and my solemn prayer: reading existence to discover its secrets and to ignite the love of truth, the eternal fire and tremendous longing for authentic experience of existence. My work: Creating the conditions for people to meet themselves in a deep journey to the dimensions in which the material and the spiritual are no longer separate and then they, in the expressions and acts in the world, a window to the mysterious regions of life. 1. an expedition of examination through direct and indirect knowledge, with friends and students, into the fundamental questions such as: Who am I? How to intensify the inner blaze? What is consciousness? What is the proper journey, mature and unbiased, to realize my human and sovereign potential? How does the Heisenberg uncertainty principal reveal itself in every complete conscious act, and more. 2. Penetration into the wisdom of “pure numbers” or the “pure Sephirot” of Kabbala” (in connection with Sefer Yetzirah). I see a “wondrous language” in this doctrine, a language which reveals some of the secrets of creation and the logos: How does consciousness build the world? This is a language which you must live when you are in a higher than usual state of consciousness.

Dr. Shlomit Tamir, PhD in Philosophy and Behavioral Science from the Newport University and expert in naturopathic medicine. Taught Iridology and Philosophy at the Ridman College and other institutes, specializing in alternative medicine, for over a decade. Developed the philosophical approach “Bereya Acheret”, established Iridology in Israel and founded the iridology research institute “Bereya Acheret”. The chosen student and successor of the forefather of Iridology in Israel, Dr. Ze`ev Pechthold. Owner of a radio show on FM103 and writer of a column in Maariv magazine, in which she consults based on the “Bereya Acheret” philosophy. She is also mentoring, teaching and guiding new teachers of the approach. Shlomit published several books on the physical, mental and emotional iridology. In her book “What Your Eyes Say”, published in 2007, she conducted a thorough research into the emotional base behind the original physical map of the iris. Thus creating the first and only iridologic emotional map that allows for the diagnosing of a person spiritually and emotionally. One of the main principals of this philosophical approach is that organs speak through emotions before physical manifestation occur, therefore for every organ or system there are messages that if decrypted can bring one to balance and healing in all aspects of life. The lack of understanding of such messages embedded in the sub-conscious cause delays in life, lack of balance and sickness. All those can be diagnosed in the iris and treated through the “Bereya Acheret” approach. The iris represents another essential principal: according to the approach the essence of one’s soul is located behind the iris and constitutes one particle that is added to the generational chain. So that one is like a film strip that might be duplicated, evolved or developed into a similar particle. One’s true essence as part of the generational chain is to organize and repair the sequence he came from thorough an investigation into the self. “Bereya Acheret” is a philosophical approach that combines science and practical therapy of the consciousness and believes in the ability of the person to heal oneself without external aids, through a deep understanding depending on one’s maturity and according to the generational chain to which he belongs.               

Dr. Oded Yitschaky, DMD, (Doctor of Dental Medicine) orthodontist, distinguished faculty member of the orthodontics department in the Hebrew University Dental Medicine School. Dr. Yitschaky has a degree in Medical Sciences (Cum Laude), M.A. in Biological Thought from The Open University of Israel. He has earned many awards of excellence for outstanding academic achievement and published professional articles in Israel and abroad. Member of the Israeli Orthodontics Association.

Dr. Hadassah Melamed, was born (as a prisoner) on the island of Mauritius, near Madagascar. She completed her M.Sc. in Biochemistry on the subject: “Copper as the Active Site of Phenolase” and her doctoral thesis on “Electrophysiological Investigation of Pollen Tubes”, both in the Department of Plant Physiology in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Melamed’s published books: 1. The Secret of the Flood, the Bermuda Triangle and the Migration of the Continents (Hebrew, 2000) – The description of the Flood scenario according to Jewish tradition and scientific evidence, diminishing the time scale of the continents’ migration from 250 million years to about one day. 2. The Holocaust as Predicted in the Bible and the Jewish Tradition. (Hebrew, 1989). 3. The People of Israel – In which direction?! – The time map of mankind’s existence over 6000 years (Hebrew and Russian, 1990). 4. Why Specifically the Land of Israel?! – In what aspects is the Land of Israel the Holy Land? What characteristics do the Jewish People need to be suitable to settle the Holy Land? (Hebrew and Russian, 2009).

Dr. Yonina Leshem, doctorate in psychological counseling, guides doctoral students. Dr. Leshem has a rich background in many therapeutic and consulting fields. She worked in the Adler Institute for adults, teaching group therapy counseling in the family treatment clinic. Today she has a private clinic offering counseling, couples therapy, group guidance, coaching and organizational consulting.

Dr. Avshalom Sion, doctor of dental medicine, specializing in orthodontics. Completed high echelon command courses at the Israel Defense Forces Command and Staff College, commander of medical unit and commander of command level dental unit. University teaching, instruction and research, associate in professional organizations and volunteer activity on behalf of the community. Believes that the researcher must be unallured, reject conventions, ready to cast doubt on anything, while accepting what she deems worthy on its own merit.

Dr. Ilana Lieberman, I’ve pondered the significance of life and the meaning of my existence, as a part of the human fabric, since youth. At first my inquiry focused on psychological aspects and later broadened to biological characteristics. I completed a B.Sc. degree in Biology at the Hebrew University and then and Ph.D followed, at the Faculty of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University, focusing on Human Cytogenetics – genetics of cells. For 25 years I was engaged in the field of Cytogenetics. During observations on chromosomes, those DNA capsules fixed on glass slides, more expanding queations arose in me, regarding the essence, meaning and implications of life. At that time I also practiced meditation, played the recorder, learned alternative therapeutic methods and engaged in editing and translations as well. 7 years ago, I moved to the desert highlands. Here nature speaks, silence prevails; here there is an invitation to slow down, making a profound inner contemplation possible. I could connect the inner with outer, try to understand, a little more, about essence and source and explore our joint perception of reality, while experiencing its expansion from time to time, outside of time.

Dr. Yehudit Ronen, B.Sc. in Mathematics, M.Sc. in general philosophy with specialty in “the logical paradox of the liar” and Ph.D. in general philosophy with specialty in, “Philosophy of Parapsychology”. Author of “The Fourth Dimension, Parapsychology, Philosophy and Science” (Cherikover, 1999). “I’ve come realize that logical‑mathematical thought is insufficient. We have to we have to go deeper than thinking rationally and think with intuition and the heart.” Studied research papers and experiments in the field of parapsychology – extrasensory perception (ESP), psychokinesis, Out‑of‑body experience (OBE) and other strange coincidental phenomena. Conducted experiments on extrasensory‑communication, graphology, palmistry, and astrology with Dr. Matti Ronen from Bar Ilan University and Dr. Roni Muallem from the Weizmann Institute of Science revealing statistically significant results. Lecturer at Bar Ilan University in mathematics, logic and philosophy for many years. Now retired, giving a seminar on “mystics and rationalism” to the armed forces.

Dr. Nader Butto, born in Nazareth, graduated from medical school in Torino, Italy, completed his cardiology specialization in Israel in 1992, and in 1995, completed his training in advanced invasive cardiology in France phoenix Arizona. Presently he is working in the Rabin Medical Center, senior cardiologist specialist in invasive cardiology and coronary angioplasty. Since medical school, Dr. Butto has emphasized the importance of the spiritual aspect and has been drawn toward holistic medicine. He developed a new theory, unified universal theory, which based on seven universal principles to describe the physical, energetic, and spiritual realms in a single unified theory. In his outpatient clinic, he treats a wide spectrum of disorders that are considered incurable using conventional medicine. He developed a new diagnostic method based on the seventh sense as extrasensory perception by which he can find the direct relationship between the emotional crises, energetic blockages, and physical illnesses.
He has developed new therapeutic methods that combine the three different and related aspects of the human being: psyche, soul, and body—which are FEEL (fast emotional elaboration and liberation), TTRT (transtemporal regression technique), and EEW (energy emotion wash-out). The purpose of these techniques to free the body from physical ailments, elaborate the emotional crises to complete the learning process, and permit personal fulfillment and spiritual evolution.
Over the past few years, Dr. Butto has been giving lectures and practical workshops to psychologists, physicians, and therapists on his method, unified integrative medicine, in Israel, Italy, and Spain Germany, Switzerland, England. In October 1998, his book first was published in Italy, where it became a best seller since 1999. Since then, he has published four more books in Italian and Hebrew and English. His recent books in English:
The Seven Universal Principles and the Seventh Sense, New Paradigm for Futures Medicine
Unified Integrative Medicine, A new Holistic model for personal growth and spiritual evolution”.

Dr. Dorit GAD, 65 years old, married + 3 lives in Herzliya.  Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University in Jewish history: expert in Second Temple and Talmudic era. In addition, two M.A. degrees from Tel Aviv University, in history and in public policy administrators.  B.A. degree from The Open University in education and history. In addition, teaching degree in history and in Biblical studies from Levinsky College for Education. Has worked for over 20 years in teacher education at the Levinsky College, including managerial positions. Today pensioner. Since the last three years has been engaged in the field of consciousness and awareness. Beyond the theories in this field, studied a variety of therapeutic techniques such as diagnosis and emotional training, bio-orgonomi, recall- healing, etc. At this point has begun researching the historical aspects of ancient Israel in the light of the spirituality of the new age.

Dr. Chaya (Clara) Shwartzman, PhD in computer science from Hebrew University. The doctoral thesis in computational learning theory considered characterization of concept classes learnable from examples along with the estimations of informational and computational complexity of learning. Over the years I taught a variety of courses in mathematics and computer science in Haifa University and a number of colleges, recently working as algorithm developer in industry. My research interests include also the theory of systematic inventive thinking and it’s applications in math and computer science research and education. The first paper on these issues was published here and more are in progress. In addition to academic research I’ve studied guided visualization, rebirthing (breath integration) and other systems of inner work and helped others to benefit from these techniques.

Dr. Elad Lison, doctorate (2010) was in the analytical-philosophical-historical analysis of the concept of Infinity and in introspection of the mathematical, physical, logical and theological aspects of Infinity according to Leibnitz’s philosophy. Since the concept of infinity encompasses mathematical-quantitative and metaphysical-qualitative aspects of multiplicity and unity, Elad’s research contributes to the intellectual effort of viewing these apparent contradictions as being complementary. In this spirit, Elad published several articles on the concept of perfection and the aspiration to perfection in Rabbi Nachman from Breslov’s teachings. He analyzes the tension and reciprocity between existentialism and mystics according to Rabbi Nachman and Franz Kafka. Elad deals in fundamentalist thought, in post-humanism, in the philosophy of technology’s man-machine interface and in the relationship between the computational and the metaphysical aspects of existence. He also delves into the modern political consciousness of the relationship between democracy, liberalism, nationalism, science and economy with theology and politics in both western and Israeli contexts. In conjunction with the latter, Elad has managed the ‘Identity and Policy‘ program for distinguished students at Yerushalayim’s Jewish Statesmanship Center in recent years.

Dr. Ruth Shreiver, a clinical psychologist who has extensive clinical experience in fortification of human problems, experience in guiding groups, reincarnation therapy, and treatment of infertility.

Dr. Einat Ramon, details soon.

Dr. Eitan Liptz, details soon.

Dr. Shlomo Kapach, details soon.

Dr. Efrat Suraki, Intern (MD) at the Hebrew University. Student, researcher, investigative. Learning and dealing in the concept of The Startup of “Dis‑ease”, sickness as a means to stimulate the initiation of healing. Researching states of health and sickness as indications of a persons’ relationship with the environment, the connection between a persons’ behavior and physiological changes. Graduate of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and studying the wisdom of Jewish medicine.

Dr. Racheli Balaban-Friedman, details soon.

Dr. Yaron Naim, details soon.

Dr. Claude Plotnitky, details soon

Elizabetha Levin, PhD, is an internationally known writer, lecturer, scholar and physicist.  She received her doctorate in Materials Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where she also taught undergraduate students.  Her pioneer research is connected with time-related issues in history, in culture, in biographies and in synchronicity. She is an author of numerous popular and scholarly papers  and of the two captivating popular-science books: Celestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny (Hebrew, Russian  English) and The Clock of the Phoenix (Hebrew, Russian). She regularly participates in radio and TV programs and gives public lectures in Hebrew, Russian, and English. Her dream is to build bridges between science and poetry, matter and mind. Just as the discovery of Newton’s gravity laws has not chained us to the Earth, but has allowed space flights, so the understanding of the laws of time can liberate us from the shackles of blind fate.

Dr. Liora Friedman, details soon.

Dr. Hany Burstein Erez, details soon.

Dr. Gideon Lev, details soon

Dr. Hagit Pnini, details soon

Dr. Meira Ohr (Laniado), details soon.

Dr. Dori Adler, details soon.

Dr. Yossi Kedmi, details soon.

Dr. Uzi Tal, Ph.D. CEO and Founder of It’s Up2Us . Personal, and business trainer. In my work, I combine NLP and Biofeedback. My Ph.D was given by the Open INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, COLOMBO SRI LANKA, related trauma care, using NLP. I lecture about human nature, mind, motivation and subconscious in various organizations. I wrote a children’s book, “YES, I CAN” that talks about self-empowerment, recognition and use of internal forces. I received warm letters about the book from the Queen of England, Dalai Lama and the Pope.

Dr. Noga Gazit, details soon.

Dr. Daniel Glucker, details soon.

Rabbi Dr. Moshe Ratt, details soon.

Dr. Anat Tami Anikset, details soon.

Dr. Idan Saar, details soon.

Dr. Israel Zviel, details soon

Dr. Saray GelbA lecturer and senior counselor at the Adler Institute for Relationships and Parenting. For more than three decades, Dr. Gelb is involved with the study of consciousness and relationships.  She is a certified therapist by the Ministry of Education and Adler Institute for group and individual coaching. She has PhD in psychology from the University of York in the field of family therapy. Dr. Gelb has a private practice in couple, individual and family counseling as well as conduct in a crisis and DBT therapy. As a licensed investigator, Dr. Gelb owned for 25 years, a leading private investigation firm and was a lecturer for private investigators and security officers at Bar Ilan University. In the spiritual realm: a professor and a student for 25 years in the field of Kabbalistic numerology and secret letters. A dancer and a dance teacher who who specializes in sacred dance. Dr. Gelb published a book based on her life: The Shadow Lady. Previously a journalist and chief editor for a Ma’ariv journal.

Dr. Avner Kasher, details soon.

Dr. Andrea Endisch, A senior physician in Bavaria, Germany with a specialty in general and vascular surgery. Obtained her MD at Tuebingen’s Eberhard Karls University. Interested in all aspects of the body, at first through dance, later yoga and recently diving into biomechanics, becoming a “Nutritious Movement” certified Personal Trainer. Convinced that giving our bodies back a natural habitat and stripping it of culturally entrained behaviors as well as feeding it properly can prevent a great part of so-called modern ailments. Important background in the arts, especially music and photography. Longing for a multi-disciplinary approach in modern medicine and recognition respectively development of spiritual healing.

Dr. Gavriella Warburg, details soon.

Rabbi Ouri Cherki was born in Algeria in 1959. He moved with his family to France where he lived for several years and then immigrated to Israel in 1972. He studied Torah with Rabbi Zvi Yehuda HaKohen Kook in the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva as well as with Rabbi Yehuda Leon Ashkenazi (“Manitou”) and Rabbi Shlomo Binyamin Ashlag. He has expansive knowledge in many secular disciplines. He was ordained as a rabbi and has been serving as the rabbi of the Bet Yehuda community in Kiriat Moshe, Jerusalem. Rabbi Cherki is the head of the Israeli Department at Machon Meir, the Meir Center for Jewish Studies in French (CMEJ) and  Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center. He also teaches Judaism at Rosh Yehudi and other places across the country.

Guy Ben Zvi, details soon

IAF Major O., Second-in-command of an Israeli air force squadron. Greatly interested in the connection between science and consciousness. Pleased to be an active member of the institute and to contribute in his military role by assisting the institute in making contacts with people, research and projects inside the air force.

Hagit Sepkuty Beckenstein, originator of the Aluma concept and founder of the Aluma enterprise, bases her innovative venture on a long career combining scientific knowledge with business expertise .Over the years Hagit served in a wide range of managerial and advisory capacities for a number of life science enterprises: Products Manager (marketing) at TARO, Researcher, Developer and Production Manager at Rad chemicals (Kamada), Advisor to the Israeli National Biotechnology Committee, Director at Shemen Industries,CTO/CSO for the Ashkelon Technological Industries Incubator and CEO of ConjuGate Ltd. Hagit’s background in the life sciences encompasses an M.SC. in Pharmacology & Physiology from the Medical School of Tel Aviv University, as well as PhD studies and an MBA (Technion) in Haifa.

Natalie Zeituny, is a modern mystic researching the intersection between human potential and the evolution of consciousness. As a pioneer and change-maker in the emerging field of Conscious Business™, she draws on her diverse personal and professional experience which encompasses science, systems thinking, eastern and western philosophy, Integral theory, evolutionary theories, healing medicine, Askashic records, shamanism, yoga and business management. Her journey with her clients enters into realms of mind, body, heart and soul which allows an unfoldment towards broader and deeper awareness. Deeper awareness naturally invites individuals and organizations to heal and express their power, beauty and unique creativity. Natalie is a certified life coach, Akashic Records Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki Master and dedicated yoga student. She is a published author and offers coaching, consultations, workshops, lectures and keynote presentations worldwide.

Ziv Segal, details soon.

Brigitte KashtanSenior Clinical Psychologist, Certified Supervisor in Psychotherapy Metaphysician, Composer and Lecturer in Israel and abroad. M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Institut Catholique de ParisBrigitte Kashtan is considered a pioneer in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology, Regression Therapy and Thanatology in Israel. Brigitte is a senior lecturer of those disciplines at various universities and nursing schools (Haifa, Ariel, and Hedera). She was Chief Psychologist at the Mental Health Center, Tirat HaCarmel, Israel. She was a Lecturer at Haifa University, Ben Gurion University, and the Open University of Israel – Haifa Campus.
Brigitte is a composer and singer. She has published four CDs of transcendental singing and guided meditations. To many people she has – and still does – serve as guide/chaperon on their sacred journey of consciousness, helping them reconnect with their eternal essence.
Brigitte Kashtan’s lectures are available on Youtube, and details about her published works are available on LinkedIn.

Michal Orpaz Tzipris, details soon.

Assaf Ben Or, details soon

Hagai Frank, details soon

Roni Nof, details soon

Dr. Dudi Adler, details soon.

Dr. Yossi Kedmi, details soon.

Ronny Noff, details soon.

Amir Retter, Director of Retter College for NLP Studies for over 20 years along with his wife Daphna. Amir is a pioneer in alternative psychology. Amir and Daphna are pioneers in the field of NLP in Israel. Retter College currently has 12 branches across the country, and the college is world-reknowned. The College is under the support of the University of Haifa. Amir is considered as one of the best lecturers and therapists in the world in field of NLP. Amir has a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering with honors from the Technion. His spiritual quest began 25 years ago in India where he lived for four years. Amir and Daphne raise 5 children in homeschooling and live in Yodfat, a magical place at the Galil.

Dr. Edo Maimon, Ph.D. student in biotechnology at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. I develop and implement genetic engineering tools in order to better understand biosynthesis of strong anti-oxidants and to develop improved algal strains. I practice and teach meditation and yoga since 2006. I’m interested in Indian philosophy and how it could be applied to daily life. I am also very interested in consciousness research and understanding and developing my own consciousness as well as universal consciousness.

Jenia Elkind, PhD candidate at the Electrical Engineering faculty in Tel-Aviv University in the field of high frequency integrated circuits (RFIC).Received her BSc degree from the Technion at 2012 along with completing an internship in the Analog and Mixed Signals group in the R&D center of IBM, Haifa. Nowadays Jenia is in the direct PhD program of the EE faculty of Tel-Aviv University. Along with her research Jenia has been an Energy Conversion labs instructor at the EE department of Tel-Aviv University since 2012. In addition to her scientific studies and training, Jenia has been developing spiritually by completing different studies such as Reiki, yoga and meditation, participating in many workshops and collaborating with therapists from various fields. The scientific training along with her deep interest in the spiritual world can contribute to her participation in research that will bond the two areas in the future.

Yaron Yavelberg, PhD student in anthropology at Tel Aviv University researching the silence of holocaust survivors and their repressed memories. His thesis centered around women’s Shamanism in Israel (see: “Dancing in a Thorn Field: The New Age Spirituality in Israel” Tavori 2007). Director of research and fellow in the Du-Et Institute for strategic socioeconomic research since 2007. Directed and edited dozens of social research, assessment and cultural mappings papers. Enthusiastic follower of popular science, in particular the philosophical repercussions of quantum mechanics. Influenced by the teachings of Bohr, Einstein, Castaneda, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff and rājayoga.

Yosi Putter, B.Sc. in Physics and Computer Science from Bar Ilan. MBA from the Ono Academic College. Worked for over 20 years in various high-tech companies, as a software engineer, team leader, and project manager. Taught math, computer science, and physics at various high-schools and colleges. Currently in the Hebrew University, working on my doctorate in philosophy, the subject: Emergence.

Tzippi Ben Ami, details soon

Avichai Abohav, meditation and healing guide living in Spain since 1997 and teaches Self-consciousness. Multidisciplinary background in science (Electrical Engineering – Technion 1990), Literature (MA cum Laude – Tel Aviv University, 1997), doctoral studies of the Book of Splendor Zohar in Ladino (Qualified Researcher, University of Granada, 2003), music (piano, drums, voice, tempura and harmonium), practices of various spiritual traditions (yoga, Kabbalah, Sufism, Buddhism, etc.) and conscious healing (read, recover and transmute the original causes of disease). Came to Spain on a Ph.D. scholarship to research his family roots and heritage – from Rabbi Isaac Abohav, author of the famous medieval “Lamp for the light” to the present day – a journey that culminated in the process of “soul remembering” and Self realization. To Avihay, Self-realization is a process of Awakening to how the individual consciousness or the soul projects itself through time and space in many life times and it´s ability to rest naturally at the core of this virtual identity. In 2012 he published the book “A path to one´s Self: guidelines to the awakening of human consciousness”, which discusses the meaning of Awakening in all fields of life – from the personal quest to spiritual traditions, contemporary tools of growth, science and consciousness, human relationships, education, sexuality, politics, healing – and to further issues such as channeling, aliens, conspiracy theories, etc. The book is written from a Non Dual and holographic perspective, merging a modern view of science and consciousness. It offers many exercises to enable a direct experience of one self apart from meditation. Avihay currently gives lectures, workshops and retreats of meditation and healing in Spain, Brazil and Israel.

Shai Zakai, details soon

Mr. Eyal Laifer, CEO and Co-founder of K2P LTD. Mr. Laifer is a DSP engineer and expert in developing and implementing blended learning systems and curriculum. He is an ICT consultant in educational institutions and commercial companies, He has also lectured within blended learning courses, e.g. at the Jerusalem College of Technology and at Ono Academic College, as well as published articles on this subject, e.g. Laifer, E. & Rahimi, I. (2010). Blended Learning: Effective Technology and Methodology in Higher Education, The 21st Annual SITE International Conference. Mr. Laifer has been an official Israeli lecturer of the international communication company HP. He has also served as a Development Engineer at RAD Data Communications. Mr. Laifer holds an MA in Education specializing in Instructing Exact Sciences, a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Teaching Certificate, all three from Tel-Aviv University.

Eran Reuveny, details soon.

Maya Moshe, details soon.

Leonardo Daniel Eveles, details soon.

Daphna Korren, details soon.

Akiva Peled, details soon.

Asaf Shani holds a bachelors degree in Economics and Accountancy, a Masters degree in Law and a Masters degree in Philosophy. Asaf has specialized in confrontational situations, mainly conflicts and negotiations since 1998. His extensive experience in the field is based on the assumption that a shift in consensus is required to unravel a conflict and create a substantial, long-lasting, positive change by creating a linguistic transformation with the Rational (I Win) Egoism model.
Asaf wrote 8 books on conflicts and negotiations, incleding: The Matrix of Conflict, The I Win Negotiation & Conflict Approach and The Romance of Ego & Conflict. Asaf founded The Other Door – a leading portal on conflicts and negotiation. Married and a proud father of two.

Avishai Leibzon, details soon

Aharon Chaim Shpitzer, details soon

Rabbi Tzvi Inbal, Masters degree in chemistry from the Technion. Specialized in synthesis of heterocyclic materials. Lectured in international scientific conferences on surfactants, formulated dozens of new compounds. Worked as a senior researcher in the IDF, the standards institute, atomic reactor, was production manager and chief chemist in Helen Curtis’ Israel facility and provides chemical research laboratory consulting services to many industrial concerns. Has lectured for decades on Torah and science and is at the forefront of the Tshuva movement.

Moshe Klein, M.A. in mathematics, lectured in international conferences about his theory “Organic Mathematics” and his development Genesis – a science program for kindergartens. His program was implemented in 1,200 kindergartens in 52 local municipalities in Israel with the approval of the Education Ministry. He developed the program “Dialogue in mathematics”, a math program for kindergartens and the theory “Forms of Numbers” which is based on the Book “Laws of Form” that was written by George Spencer Brown.

Ofer Aloni, owner and manager of Hutz-Peh – Sharp Digital Advertizing agency. Holds a masters in Commenications and MBA. Worked as director of Internet services and international calls at Netvision – 013 in recent years, pior to his being manager of the advertizieng agency which brings brand name products to public awareness and historic exposure in any way possible through use of blazen creativity, viral marketing, branding, social media advertizing and clay workshops. Years of sharp experience in all realms of digital and new media marketing. Lectures on unconventional marketing through all marketing channels.

Tzahi Manistersky, BSc in Biology and a MSc in Structural and Molecular Biochemistry from the Hebrew University.  Tzahi has also been an embedded systems real time software engineer since 1997. He has contributed to projects from telecom, data com, wireless communication, video transmission, consumer electronics and aerospace, working at both private and military industries. Being a passionate inventor and enterpriser, yet dedicated salaried employee, Tzahi has invented and developed the Neuro Net model. Combining Memetics, molecular biology concepts and the wisdom of crowds for selection and proliferation of best ideas and turning them into practical solutions. Tzhai’s vision is to build a global wide open software architecture, providing the space for controlled sharing of ideas among many people through many websites and many applications for catalysis of any type of ideas. This technology, combined with Dr. Hagai Folkman’s CoPlay game, provides interruptive cooperation among people at the national, organizational and even family/community levels. Currently Tzahi is an independent researcher, programmer, offering workshops for children and adult inventors.

Moshe Pesker Gal, details soon.

Anat Bar Noi, details soon.

Simcha Livshin, details soon.

Ezra Harel, details soon

Gilya Zelinger Tuag, details soon

Udi Kassif, details soon.

Yael Ben Zion Kochanovitz, details soon.

Avi Hevroni, has a B.A degree In Psychology and a master (M.S.W.) degree in clinical social work, from the university of Haifa. Practices holistic and transformational Psychotherapy since 2004.  Established the Holistic Psychotherapy faculty of the holistic school inside Rupin college. Developed and taught courses for beginners and advanced students in the area of holistic therapy. A specialist in BioAcoustics – Science based practice for physical, personal and spiritual diagnosis of the human based on computerized analysis of his voice. In the last 10 years He’s developing a model that tries to present the human consciousness in a mathematical and graphical way. The model is trying to describe the relationships between consciousness and physical world, the human body, his soul, emotions and beliefs, and the way it creates his reality.

Tzippi Raz, details soon.

Ruth Ben Shimon, details soon

Matan Mandelbrod, holding a BSc. in mathematics and computer science, and MSc. in applied mathematics, both from Tel-Aviv university. Algorithms developer in the industry from 2000. Holding several publications from his works as a researcher in IBM and as an algorithms developer in a leading communication company. Founder and CEO of Baitex – the initiative to reduce the costs of Mortgage and business loans. Meditator in his soul. Met the spiritual world via Osho, and then deepened his meditation practice in meetings with various spiritual approaches and wonderful teachers. Deeply curious of the psycho-physical problem, and aspiring to contribute to bridging the gap between science and spirit (both on the personal level and on the human one). 

Ezra Kattan, details soon

Yitzhak Bar Geva, Distributed Concurrent programming and Telecommunications engineer, Linux consultant over 45 years. Author of paper on unshackling the Internet of restricting protocols which stifle innovation. Electrical Engineering degree from NYU. Among the first settlers in Judea and Samaria after the 1967 Six Day War. Examining the synchronized processes of the dispersed Jews return to the Land of Israel, reawakening of the desolate Land, the surge in mankind’s prosperity and fusing the material world with the abstract/virtual. Hoping to inspire researchers into seeking heretofore unrevealed natural order guiding the synchronization of those phenomena.

Emanuel Douck, details soon

Sam Levi, details soon.

Kobbi Eldar, details soon.

Ronit Ben Yizhak, details soon.

Tamir Ashman, holds bachelor and masters degrees in Social Work from Tel Aviv University. Lecturer in group guidance at Tel Aviv University, at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology & Arts and at The Central School for Social Workers. Manages a clinic for individual and group therapy in Tel Aviv. In parallel with his professional therapy work, he has been an independent researcher in the field of geometry for the past 13 years. See: and his professional site at

Rebeca (Riki) Levisman, Business consultant and initiator, with expertise in marketing, strategy and business development. Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bar-IIan University. Economics (BA), Ben-Gurion University. Certified Meditation instructor, Wingate Institute. Self-taught human consciousness researcher.

Shoshana Schwartzberg, details soon.

Dafna Asher, details soon.

Anat Noy, details soon

Inbal Pozner Paz, details soon.

Noam Manella, details soon.

Rabbi Isaac Wahnon, details soon

Jonathan Harrison, teaches nondual meditation inspired by masters of the nondual wisdom traditions Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Zen, Mahayana, Advaita and Dao. He has degrees in physics and mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He studied nondual wisdom with Dr. Peter Fenner in France and the Dzogchen Rinpoche in India. He has knowledge of western and Buddhist psychology, and has developed a direct approach to the practice and teaching of nondual meditation. He currently teaches individuals and groups in Israel and worldwide in an easy-to-assimilate, direct form without sacrificing the depth of the underlying nondual understanding which continues to inspire him. He is the author of “Ending Stress.”

Telma Brill, Chirologist (diagnostic hand reading), for more than 25 years. My background – education, psychology, Jungian psychology; B.A from Hebrew University , M.A (human behavior) Newport University. I conducted two scientific research studies at Abarbanel Mental Health Center, affiliated with Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine, on the hands of schizophrenic people. The first study was presented in a psychiatric conference and was published in the Israel Journal of Psychiatry, 1999. An additional study I conducted on the hands of men and women of the Haredic population. My book, “The Hand, a mirror of your soul” which will soon be published in English, include these studies, among other topics. Special attention I give in my chirological work to the identification of suicidal tendencies, depression and anxiety. I teach this subject to psychologists and other caretakers. Ive been a student of body-mind-consciousness topics for many years, meditate for more than 40 years, facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie, and student of Buddhism.

Olivia Pinto, has a bachelor degree in physical therapy (B.P.T) from Tel-Aviv University. She was head of physiotherapy department at the Matilda International Hospital in Hong Kong where she lived for 10 years. She also served the Hong Kong Olympic athletes in international games and competitions. Olivia studies various health care modalities, and has a diploma in Chinese Acupuncture (Dip.Ac) from the University of Hong Kong. Olivia owned and worked in her own private clinic in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district, as well as in Cyprus. For 12 years, Olivia dedicated herself to The BodyTalk System, was a senior BodyTalk instructor, vice president of the International BodyTalk Association, taught and certified laymen and medical practitioners as BodyTalk practitioners and instructors in 11 countries. Today, Olivia is the owner of Symphony of Health, based in Israel and dedicated to help simplify life through awareness, and live a healthy and harmonious life, by blending science – health care – and consciousness. Her approach is based on: extended knowledge and experience on an international level as a clinician, teacher and lecturer in the fields of conventional medicine, holistic health care and consciousness and: incredible ability and willingness to cross borders, not only geographically! Borders of thinking, conditioning, identity, social agreements, health care etc…

Liat Karpel, details soon.

Ofer Kolodni, M.A. in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University. Working for over 25 years as a software engineer & CTO. Interested in physics, astronomy & creation of the universe. Believe in Intelligent Design.  Learn Velikovsky’s theory of ancient history. Interested in spiritual / physical relationship. Experiences with Meditation & Holistic massage as habits.

Ruti Karni Horowitz, details soon.

Ron Erharad, details soon.

Eitan Nahari, a mechanical engineer with a degree in teaching from HIT (Holon Institude of Technology). He works in development in the defense industries. Eitan has been interested in the spiritual subject and finding the connection between the spiritual realm and the physical reality for about 25 years. He is an active participant in personal development workshops.

Gad Hayisraeli, Senior Software Engineer, specializes in the Networking & Cyber areas. Autodidact, independent researcher in Science, Judaism, New-Age, Ancient Civilizations and the deep connections between them. Applied science researcher in physics, electricity, renewable energy and Disruptive Technologies. Aspires to continue developing the discoveries of the great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. I’m a huge fan of science fiction and I’m now working on making it a reality. My vision is to unite the whole spiritual and physical science under the great vision of Rabi Kook – “The Overall Unity”, for the people of Israel and for all mankind.

Ilana Bat Shalom, details soon.

Rabbi Moshe Grylak, graduate of Kol Torah and Ponevezh yeshivas, author, researcher, lecturer, editor, journalist and columnist. Editor‑in‑chief of HaMishpacha (The family) weekly. Leading lecturer of the tshuva (repentance) movement, spokesman of the Charedi religious sector. Ran a highly popular column on Judaism in the Maariv newspaper. Called upon by the late Lithuanian luminary Rabbi Menachem Elazar Shach to found and edit the Yated Ne’eman newspaper. Edited the Kulmus and Nitzotzot cogitative journals. Authored many books, including Parasha uParasha and Parasha VeLikcha on the weekly Torah reading, Haggada Upishra on the Passover Haggada and Sinai Me’az LiTamid, an objective examination of the findings confirming the historic truth of Divine revelation on Mount Sinai.

Shulamit Valikovski Kogan of blessed memory, daughter of the late Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, noted interdisciplinary researcher and author of the best seller, “Worlds in Collision” (1950) which aroused a polemic of the fury reserved only to new paradigms. From his findings based on comparative mythology, astronomy and geology, Velikovsky concluded that the exodus from Egypt was accompanied by a colossal upheaval of nature caused by the passing of a celestial body close to earth. Velikovsky’s research enabled him to predict astronomical phenomena thought to have been unconceivable at the time. Subsequent astronomical findings astonished scientists by affirming Velikovsky’s projections. His research forged a new approach to reconciling the apparent contradictions between archeology and the Bible. Shulamit devoted herself to perpetuating her father’s legacy since his passing in 1979 by publishing scientific articles and translating many of his works into Hebrew. See Shulamit’s Ages in Chaos site for more information. Shulamit was a founding member of the Hamatara Emmet institute. She passed away peacefully in 2015.

Rabbi Yonadav Zer, a Ph.D. student in the subject of Israel’s Heritage at Ariel University, researcher and editor of history textbooks at the Har Bracha Yeshiva, has extensive knowledge about the work of the late multi – disciplinary researcher, Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky.

Yaakov Gugenheim, senior electronics engineer. BSc in mathematics and physics and MSc in electronics and control from University of Paris. Held high level positions in defense industries both in Israel and abroad including development work on Israel’s Lavi fighter plane at Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), project leader at Elta, El-Op and elsewhere. Lately director of R&D on phonetic speech recognition at LNTS (Linguistech Solutions) using one of his four registered patents (purchased by the company). Author of “Yotzer Ohr” on the concept of light at the forefront of science drawing from inner sources of Chassidism and of “Reflections on the essence of light and matter”. His unique speech recognizer patent uncovers exceptional characteristics of the Hebrew language.

Eddy Nadler, BSc. in physics and mathematics and MSc. in physics, specializing in electro‑optics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Institute of applied sciences. In recent years, director of real time software development on a world class cutting edge advanced system in use by the IDF and foreign armed forces.

Shmuel Davidovitz, B.Sc. from the Jerusalem College of Technology and from Bar Ilan University, M.Sc. from the Hebrew University in applied physics specializing in electro-optics. Steeped (over 20 years of intense study) in Kabbalah. Experimental physicist for 25 years in the electro-optics department of Mabat in the Israel Aircraft Industry (IAI). Fields of interest: quantum mechanics, metamaterials, science and Kabbalah.

Pnina Ohana-Lobelzick, B.Sc. in biology with teaching certificate for science from Ben Gurion University. M.Sc. in business administration. Developed the groundbreaking “Mentor Mind” methodology for identifying states of consciousness through the human voice and the unique code to the “Transfer of Consciousness” along the lines of the Merkavah Kabbalistic mysticism, patented in 47 countries. Developing the “Coaching To Closing” decision bolstering system in cooperation with the Israeli chief scientist. Lecturer, over 35 years experience in marketing and business development consulting. Owner and founder of P.D.N. Media Marketing (1985) offering the “Transfer of Consciousness” method. Author of a number of books in the field with a compendium of books on the “Transfer of Consciousness” codes coming soon.

Yoni Sappir, An entrepreneur, manager, strategic consultant, visioner. Formerly- CEO at TheMarker, Head of Datacom Division at Bezeq, Vice President Marketing at NetVision and more. Holds Bsc. in Physics (Cum Laude) from the Technion and an EMBA from Bradford. Explores the spiritual principles which are necessary for prosperity in the new era. Explores and develops quantum healing methods, both for individuals and organizations.

Hadas Drachli-Hayot, a mother and a multi-potencialite entrepreneur, holds a BA in General studies and an MA in administrative science from Farley Dickinson University, USA. believes in doing for the sake of influencing. A Web addict, Co-founder of, a digital branding studio. founder and partner at Cronus media a new technology for displaying and analyzing data on touch screens. First Acquaintance with the world of energy and consciousness came through learning and training Kung Fu. 13 years ago discovered the wisdom of time and humanity via studies of the Mayan calendar and has been working voluntarily to spread the knowledge since then. Co-founder of Mayazone website and MayScope App, author of Galapula, the great codex of time, a book for young adults, A spiritual fantasy fiction.

Nimrod Rafael Drori, has a BSc. in behavioral sciences from the Tel-Aviv Jaffa Academic College. Currently he is writing his Masters dissertation in Existential Psychotherapy & Counselling at Middlesex university, London. He has been working as an Existential Psychotherapist & Counselor at the “Ramat Gan Alzheimer Research and Treatment Center” for past 5 years, 2011- 2014 as an intern, since then, part of the staff working with the families of the Alzheimer patients as well. For me consciousness is what matters the most in therapy and in the therapeutic relationship. Thus everything; including the therapeutic process itself starts and ends with consciousness. We are indeed limited and bound by our body and perception, but most of our keys to psychological well-being, enlightenment and transcendence rests with our consciousness and its ability to transcend beyond what we think and perceive as the “reality.” Nimrod-Rafel is also interested in psychedelic medicine, body-mind connectivity; guided imagery, body-mind medicine, and the influence of (existential) meaning  on the immune system-specifically the connectivity of cancer and depression. He is aspiring towards inter-disciplinary work in order to connect Einstein’s “Space-time” model with concurrent knowledge in psychology.

Tania Malcov, chemical and environmental engineer. Learned at the Ukrainian National Technical University in Kiev. Consultant for industrial water and waste disposal systems. Works with engineering companies on water treatment and handling. Has passed external courses and seminars in Israel and abroad. Over the past five years has been managing the chemical department which she established.

Amit Hildesheim, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University in the Negev in the Israel Army “Atuda” (ROTC). Worked as a programmer, algorithms and system engineer in ECI Telecom and Bigband Networks. Learned alternative medicine methods in recent years, with interest in spirit-mind-body issues, pleomorphism, frequency medicine (Drs. Hulda Regehr Clark, Bob C. Beck and Royal Reymond Rife). Also pursuing interest in the psychological aspects of economy.Father to 4 lovely children.

Feri Tayouri, M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Physics from the Technion, Haifa, Radar and Communication System Engineer, married (3 children), interested in innovative thinking.

Ofer Mednikov, Bachelor of Economics and Political Science from University of Haifa and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Tel Aviv University. Graduate student in cinema at Tel Aviv University. Highly inquisitive in a wide range of subjects.

Inbal Tzur Sholshtein, details soon.

Ehud Azori, Married with three daughters. BA in philosophy, Tel Aviv University, graduated from the Faculty of law at Tel Aviv University (Adv. for 20 years). Graduate M.A in  program for conflict resolution at Bar Ilan University. Baal tshuva. As a lawyer  served as legal Counsel of the governmental bodies, municipal, municipal  Corporation, water Corporation, building and planning committees etc.  Deputy Chairman of Committee for arbitration and mediation in the Israeli bar.

Itay KatzA Communication Systems Engineer with wide knowledge in the fields of physics, computer networking, telecommunications, signal processing, internet protocols, data mining and machine learning. Autodidact with passion to networking, media and the noosphere.

Ayelet Dvir-Lev, attorney, graduate of The Hebrew University Law School, expert in mediation. Eyelet has a wealth of knowledge and experience in therapeutic methods including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching and Nissim Amon’s trilotherapy method.

Limor Shemesh, Currently Master’s degree student in Neurobiology in Haifa University. Bachelor’s in Marine Biology from the Rupin Academic Center; Thesis on the biological and chemical effects of meditation on the brain. Since Childhood  Limor had a deep connection to nature and the natural sciences. As growing up she started connecting and depending into the worlds of spirituality and consciousness. She had studied buddhism, shamanism and took part in various courses and workshops. Nowadays, as part of her Master’s studies, Limor is working with researchers in a lab studying the human memory, and recently been starting to launch her own research studying the connection between memory and meditation. In recent years has studied the art of mandala (geometric sacred paintings), specifically a course with a master on teaching it and she has been giving workshops on mandala paintings. Limor deeply believes in the strong connection between science and spirit, matter and belief. It is a big part of what drives to passionately do what she does.

Carmela Ben Haim, B.A in Sociology, Anthropology and Geography from Tel Aviv University. Studied courses towards M.Sc. in City Planning at The Technion University, Haifa including NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming), Guided Imagery and The Silva Mind Control Method. As vice president of the “Avshalom Institute for the Land of Israel Studies”, she managed courses and programs for the institute. Carmela has an interest in Consciousness research. Next year she will give a course on “The biology of belief” and instruct workshops in Guided Imagery.

Avraham Katz, details soon.

Yuval David Tzuberi, details soon.

Yaarit Hillel, Has a law degree from the Shaarei Mishpat College Law school. Has been engaged in personal development and self-awareness for over a decade. Investigates capabilities of the human brain through different paths of communication with the subconscious such as EMI, NLP, Parapsychology, healing and guided imagery.

Channa Sorek, BA in sociology, graduate studies in urban and regional planning from the Hebrew University in Yerushalayim. Graduate of Yerushalayim’s Branco Weiss Institute in widening of the thinking process. Deals in Human Resources placement in the biotechnology industry. Group moderator in the areas of creative thinking, retirement and life change. Moderates and trains individuals and groups in meditation, focused imagination and energetic healing. Long standing volunteer in various organizations. Presently involved primarily in Yoga instruction and moderating groups in the wisdom of aging.

Shmuel Sebag, Practical Engineer with expertise and diagnostic facilities in electrical and electronic vehicles. Pioneer in electric motor propulsion and lecturer at the Tel-Hai Academic college. Shmuel’s students have won technical prizes for educational initiatives in building projects like electric All Terrain Vehicles and tricycles. Manager of professional classification of courses geared towards attaining ORT professional certification. He has authored “New Technologies in Electric Cars” under supervision of Professor Doron Orbach from Bar-Ilan University. He devised a study model for teaching a theoretical-practical course in three-phase driven asynchronous AC motors. Thank God that there is a GREEN ECOLOGICAL SOLUTION to end 150 years of air polluting vehicles by replacing them with electric cars.

Mordechai (Moti) Lupo, studied in the Mir Yerushalayim yeshiva and teaches there. He has a degree in psychology from the Open University of Israel and is continuing in the Interdisciplinary Studies Unit’s Program For Hermeneutics & Cultural Studies of Bar-Ilan University. He has been researching Jewish sources in light of modern psychology and publishes articles on his “Psychology and Judaism” Facebook blog which will be published as a book in the near future.

Avraham Oron, a graduate of the Hebrew University in Economics and Political Science. Worked for 25 years as a finance manager for various establishments of the IAI. Chairman of the Theosophical Society in Israel since 1985. Lecturer and facilitator of workshops and courses that deal with the principles of Theosophy starting from that year. Editor of “light” a Theosophical Journal since 1988. The author of 3 study books of Theosophy and many articles.

Michael (Mickey) Ekstein, in his fifth decade of his life, married and proud father of three children. Ekstein is a former owner and CEO of a software company and a partner in several projects in Israel and abroad. He holds academic degrees in computer science and political science from the Tel Aviv University. The author of the books “Relationship”, “Change”, “Balance” that together form the series “Relationship physic”. The series is all about the analogy between the law of nature (physic, statistics) and human relationship in our daily life and how those law controls the result of our daily action, listening and internalization will lead to a better and happier life.

Ido Tzomer, details soon.

Idan Greenberg, BS.C. in Life Sciences from Ben-Gurion University. Worked in a Neurophysiology laboratory as a technician and research assistant. Has one publication on neural mechanisms (J.NeuroPhysiology 2004). Worked as validation team-leader in Kamada (Pharmaceutics). Currently provides software development and training services for algorithmic trading in the financial markets. Provides physical assistance to a disabled lawyer. Has strong interest in science, environment, technology and spirit.

Moshe Biton, married with four children, CEO and owner of “Tahlit” Management consulting. Electronics engineer “Bezek” College (1990), BA in Social Sciences Open University (1997), large enterprise communications consultancy Net Brice (1998), MBA Derby (1999), Management consulting University of Haifa (2008). Specializes in consulting for businesses of the SMB (Small and medium-sized businesses) to consulting businesses on behalf of the ministry of Economy on recent years. Has extensive experience in setting up and managing a wide range of sales and service management systems, training and skills improvement of sales and service at business. An enthusiast of Jewish thought, looking for ideas and patents, innovation and creative thinking and is acquiring knowledge in these subjects.

In recent years, formulates and promotes a theory of OADHD (organizational Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), theorizing that organizations may suffer from ADHD regardless of the syndrome’s abscence among its managers and employees. See OADHD for further information.

Naama Weiss Tohar, Moderator of higher consciousness studies, guides children in self‑learning, creativity and consciousness transformation processes through the computer. She moderates a childrens’ self‑learning virtual community called “Yeladayim” ‑ children who know with children who learn. Na’ama deals in infusing material life with spiritual consciousness. Independent researcher of spiritual superiority over the material, of inner processes cloaked from the eye, inquisitive student of life and spiritual sciences. Seeks to explore the bond between the vast store of inner knowledge and concrete empirical scientific findings as demonstrated through real life, life sciences laboratory experiments. Manages the Consciousness Transformation Center in Rehovot and its web site: Na’ama holds a B.S.W., Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is about to complete an extended study track at the Aviraz Center of higher consciousness studies.

Liron Caster, BA in Sociology and in International Relations (Hebrew University) and Graduate from Koteret Journalism school near the University of Tel Aviv. Facilitator of Women Circles and an administrator in the Shvilim Democratic School in Pardes Hannah. Born in 1972, divorced and a mother of 3. My method, “The Art of Inner Precision” substantially relieves life’s ”rat race”, improving all aspects of daily life. It serves mostly those dealing with major changes in life, such as becoming parents, unemployment, divorce, health issues and so on. The method’s obvious advantages are: nurturing attention skills, acquiring a strong sense of happiness and peace of mind, empowering one’s self and strenthening meaningful ties to others. The “The Art of Inner Precision” is taught in the unique environment of “attention circles” – group gatherings for sharing and listening to others. The frequency of intimacy, receptivity and openness enables us to be at one with our inner powers, and helps us in “scaling our life’s mountains”, overcoming our obstacles.

Zeev Bolgar, details soon.

Ayelet Oz, details soon.

Elisheva Luks-Nechushtan, details soon.

Aran Patinkin, documentary filmmaker, graduate of Columbia College, Chicago USA. Born in 1952. Directed many documentaries broadcasted on TV channels 1,2,8 and Educational TV, including “A Ring in My Thing” – screened on the opening night of Channel 2, “The Village of Hope” and “The Law of Good Intentions”- on Channel 1 and “Legends of the Lost Tribes”- a 13 episode series on communities around the world that attribute their origins to the ten lost tribes of Israel. Presently writing a book on the Hebrew frequency that sees the Jewish people as part of a universal revolutionary mental movement. The book describes the evolution of human consciousness as described in the Bible and manifest both in human history and in our daily life.

Yoel Yaakov, details soon.

Yitzhak Segman, Worked 30 years in the Israel Aircraft Industries, including management and senior management. His last position, held for 9 years was on the corporation’s executive management, manager of the human resources division and as a manager of the Pelephone corporation. Graduate of the Hebrew University in Middle Eastern studies with supplementary education in business management. Currently involved in practical spiritualism and recently authored ״The hidden reality behind the scenes״ in both digital edition and in print by the Hebrew publisher, Mendele Mocher Sfarim.

Levanah Florence Stern, BA in Art History from France/Italy. Practicing alternative medicine and spiritual methods in general for many years. I am a Reiki master using Dr. Mikao Usui traditional method since 2002 and presently practice Vianna Stibal’s Tetha Healing method together with Reiki. I make use of crystals to empower the success of my sessions. I willfully share my professional and personal experience in these fields including during meditation sessions. I see crucial importance in promoting The Institute’s proposed research on behalf of mankind and science in the coming era.

Shai Danon – has a B.A. in Behavioural Science and Media. Born in 1971, he currently lives in the Golan Heights. A musician and music events producer. Shai owns the site Raising the Frequency, Cofounder of healing music company.In touch with various scientists around the world. Explores different fields. like Cymatics, the connection between music and its effect on mind-body and water. Producier of musical events that relate to science and the practical aspects of music on health and consciousness.

Arnon Buch, B.A. in Management and Economics from The Open University, licensed investment and Pension consultant. In 2010 I left a promising carrier in the Finance market, in search of my true voice and goal. Through my own experience I started holding workshops, lectures, coaching and assisting people on finding therapy.  I developed a method of group communication which I call “the circle”. Following the  Israeli social justice protests in 2011, I established “the forum of New Economy”, in search of solutions for the current era. I Understand I can’t change the world alone and so I’m looking for partners to share the vision and action.  38 years old, married to Lital, Father to Ilay and Yanai, live in Giva’taim.

Ariela Krief, further details coming soon

Sue Cohen Sagi, further details coming soon

Avi Zahafran, further details coming soon

Oren Evron, further details coming soon

Oazis Zoller (46), Researcher&Author. She  is an international lecturer in the fields of Isomorphism , and, electromagnetism of consciousness, lives in the Republic of Panama. She regularly gives seminars and lectures about the fact that humans are energetic beings, and therefore, the laws of Quantum Physics guide their success and happiness in life.
Oazis has a technological background. Served in the army at Mamram and finished with medal of honor from Colonel Uri Manos for her help in his unit. She served as Webmaster of IBM Corporation, and worked in international initiatives for many years. She currently manages a database of over 6,000 entrepreneurs, scientists and investors.
For over twenty years, Oazis did research about consciousness capabilities according to studies conducted by CIA, Russian intelligence agencies like the K.G.B, by the Chinese and by certain universities on Noetic Sciences and Mind over Matter. However, the studies never went public.
During the past 20 years, Oazis has written over 2000 pages on Isomorphism philosophy principles, and on understanding the world is in fractal structures:
{As above so below, As within so without, As the micro so the Macro} and how to communicate and interact with the resonance language of the Universe . Her book is now on sale.
Oazis gives seminars and lectures around the world and combines scientific studies and spiritual wisdom and she is taking complex and scientific materials, which are the results of empiric research conducted by different researchers and scientists from around the world, and interpreting this knowledge in a simple and friendly way to the public. She has more than 10,000 online students and scholars.

Amnon Yusting, further details coming soon

Binyamin Eitan Donevitch, further details coming soon

Yasmine Bergner is a multi- disciplinary artist. a Graduate of Bezalel- Academy for art and design- Jerusalem. Certified art – therapist from Lesly College University and a tattoo artist.
Yasmine incorporates her experience and identity as a visual artist, her expertise in art therapy and her work as a tattooer. Today she is a spiritual guide through tattoo art, specializing in tribalism and sacred geometry. The spiritual process is based upon tribal shamanic traditions and the concept of tattoo as a rite of passage and a talisman of empowerment. Independent researcher of tattoo history, art and tattoo exhibition curator. Believes that tribal tattoos represent the outlook of the native men on nature and a symbolic abstraction of natural phenomenon into geometrical archetypal shapes for body adornment. Sacred geometry is a visual, mathematical, geometrical & physical language that expresses the way the natural world is constantly evolving and coming into being. It is a scientific approach to the last 2 years Yasmine teaches sacred geometry at the democratic school “Kehila” in Tel Aviv, aspiring to spread the knowledge of  sacred geometry among young people. She established the first sacred geometry class in Israel, which today holds 14 young students, ages- 10-14. Lives & works in Tel Aviv.

Itzchak Bar Yona, Graduate of the Technion faculty of architecture, currently a professional inventor. Since 1970, a student of inner initiation in the Fourth Way (G.I. Gurdjieff); The Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo).
Author of the books: Where do Ideas come from? The hidden dimension of creative thinking (English); Inner- Initiation – ways and methods of modern self-initiation; Sri Aurobibdo and Mother – Hebrew translated texts from the Integral Yoga; A personal Matter – Autobiography of a spiritual student; Savitri –A Hebrew translation of the immortal poetry of Sri Aurobindo (first book); Currently writing about a possible synergy between esoteric knowledge and modern science.

Edna Elshtein, details soon

Yair Lavi, details soon

Natalie Dessau, details soon

Nir Tadmor, further details coming soon

Odelia Yakir, details soon

Saul Kullok, an autodidact who studied at the Faculties of Exact Sciences and Medicine at Buenos Aires University. Chief Scientist of technological companies in Israel, UK and USA, Saul was granted several US patents for non-invasive devices and software aimed to improve heart contraction, blood circulation, Autonomic Nervous System activity, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Together with his late father, Samuel, he co-authored, the theory of a three phasic heart contraction. From the year 1958, he has searched for mathematical structures in ancient civilizations, finding that the value of π is embedded in Biblical and Talmudic texts. Together with his son Jose, he recently discovered that major biblical and historical events of Israel are precisely timed according to an algorithm involving the angle of inclination of the Earth axis, and latitude values of Tribal borders, showing that Israel’s history has followed a predefined trajectory across the last 3500 years.

The Menix family – Oren & Erez. Shosh, a renowned authority and pioneer in Israel’s personal coaching community is the founder and prime developer of the world class Individual Human Frequency Code emotional coaching technique. Shosh co-managed one of Israel’s first coaching schools, “Connections”. With years of extensive experience in coaching, teaching, writing and managing personal coaching training programs, she has built her professional status from the ground up, holding the highest coaching rank granted by the Israeli Chamber of Coaches.

Shosh’s innovative coaching methodology, studied by thousands of students worldwide, is revolutionary in the field of personal coaching. Shosh sees the Human Soul Essence/ Human Frequency as her mission of spreading the word on the secret of feelings. Shosh’s two sons have joined her work, managing the school in light of the joint vision of creating a loving united world in which people do what they love and love what they do, realizing their life dreams by pursuing their passions towards achieving their true destiny.

Avraham Reiner, details soon.

Avishai Chaim, details soon.

Avraham Shenkar, details soon.

Roi Lotan Glazer, scientific writer, student of physics and electrical engineering. Developing a new theory of unifying physics together with Dr. Alon Retter. Author of “The Physics of the Biblical Flood“. Initiator of the “MadaImRuach” project joining science to spirit. Researcher of a variety of Torah and science topics.

Vitali Ostiatinski, Undergraduate student for a general degree in natural sciences at the Open University. Guide in the Science Museum in Jerusalem. Going through training to become a tour guide. Trying to grasp the connection between man and creation.

Avri Bareket, Computer Engineer, Communications and information security expert. Information Security Manager at a Hi-Tech company. Also involved in Involved in producing spiritual festivals. Interested in the connection between spirit and science. Practices meditation and takes part in personal development workshops.

Boris Mordukhovich, Electronics Engineer from Tel Aviv University, 2005. Completed a caregiving in auto-suggestion and NLP at a Master level course in May 2014. Willing to participate and help the institute in promoting and advertising this interesting and intriguing project, which is relevant for all mankind.

Chaim Welzer, details soon.

Liran Katz, CEO of the Israeli Karmic Management Center, and Chairman of Method&Wisdom NPO. In the last few years he has taught and trained business people around the world and in Israel how to use Tibetan Buddhist wisdom in their lives and business.

Joan Jacobs, details soon

Rabbi Daniel Moshe Levy, graduate of the Itri and Maalot HaTorah yeshivas. Author of “The Bible faces Archeology” which examines the harmony between Bible stories and archeological research findings in light of a critical appraisal of the generally accepted timeline, thus amplifying Immanuel Velikovsky‘s conclusion that the accepted timeline does not fit the archeological findings. Rabbi Levy shows how readjusting the timeline proves that the archeological findings do not contradict the Bible. The book is available in its entirety on the Daat website. Rabbi Levy lectures on his findings at the Herzog College, in tour guide instructional courses and in “Torah and Science” conferences at Bar Ilan University.

Roni Benjamin, details soon

Yeshayahu Horowitz, details soon.

Doron Shadmi, independent researcher. Subject: “Mathematics as an outcome of the researcher’s consciousness” which examines the possible existence of an evolutionary‑scale ethic intertwined with logical/technological developments stemming from mathematics. See ORGANIC MATHEMATICS by Moshe Klein and Doron Shadmi published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Rabbi Yoseph Garmon, details soon.

Ilana Rogel, details soon.

Shmulik Refaeli, details soon.

Shlomo Gabai, Details soon.

Tamar Narkis Gal, background in education, personal coaching and kibbutz community guidance. Drawn to issues of science and consciousness through my natural human inquisitiveness. I aspire to authenticity, unfettered truth in research and strive to join forces with whomever is willing to cast grounded preconceptions overboard in favor of open and direct examination of reality.

Yair Cohen, research and application of the intelligence of events in reality. Over 35 years of accompanying people in rehabilitating their lives through an integrative approach composed from widely differing cultural sources: western academia, Taoist healing, Chinese medicine and more. Shamanism and the time honored wisdom of Jewish recovery practices are the foundations of all procedures. We view the creation as healthy, the basis of all reality. Experienced entrepreneur, manager and provider of guidance in social processes.

Shmulik Kohn, Instructor of Tai Chi and Chinese martial arts since 1994. Experienced and highly skilled Chinese medicine practitioner. Acquired the foundations of his practice during his lengthy sojourn in Japan and Taiwan in the 1980’s.

Mira Sharon, details soon.

Elchannan Freidman, details soon.

Keren Levy, details soon.

Smadar Noga Vaissman, details soon.

Naddin Haliwa, details soon.

Ophir Gal-Ezer, Autodidact, Looking for religous and philosophical truth. I studied many science and religion issues as well as religion’s proofs and refutations, I considered arguments from different aspects about immortality of the soul after death. Searching for rational criteria to objectively consider arguments about spiritual areas, Has a Tora background from Yeshivas.

Yossi Dotan, details soon.

Yuval Bruchman, details soon.

Yehudit Levav Naor, details soon.

Bat Or Yasur Cohen, details soon.

Galit Sarel, My professional career began as a teacher for deaf children with the goal to create a “bridge” between their outer and their inner worlds. As time passed, I realized that my true goal was to bridge the gap between people’s outer, surrounding world and their inner world, so they can become their real selves and discover their individuality. Guided imagery and energetic healing were the major tools I used. In 2009 I took part in a course which taught a special method of right brain development in Japan. This method enables the use of our inner senses, absorbs and uses stored information in a quantum manner. All these enhance the feeling of confidence, independence, harmony and self – attunement. Currently, I teach “The Quantum Development of the Right Brain and Self Exploration” to teachers, students and therapists. I also teach “Todaat Al”. This current information enables us a more objective and higher level of awareness and understanding of our lives and brings with it energetic tools that we can use to help us as we develop.

Yehudit Pelaot, details soon.

Ben Zion Gagola, details soon.

Chen Arnon, details soon.

Batya Melamed, details soon.

Igal Eran, worked in computing and practiced meditation for more than 40 years. Interested in spirituality in general in different cultures, in perception of alternative realities and various philosophies. Dealt with other practices in recent years, particularly those related to voice and movement and their effects on the body, psyche and soul. Beginning BA studies for degree in Mysticism and Spirituality in Zefat Academic College in 2015-1016 academic year.

Sufi (Assaf) Rapoport, details soon

Raaid Aamar, details soon.

Hada Rechnitz, details soon.

Amir Holtz, details soon.

Leah Smadja, details soon

Guy Massad, I served in the IDF for 23 years, including 10 years in the Golani Brigade, until I realized I was looking for something else. After a short quest, I began NLP studies at the retter College, including the field of escorting and coping with cancer. Along the way I developed a technique for liberation and reducing pain. This is a unique approach that connects the inner guidance with a place of freedom of choice. It is a powerful source of healing. Today I hold lectures and personal treatment for healing, support the healing process and reducing pain, headaches and stomachaches, dizziness, fibromyalgia, support and coping with cancer and more.

Eyal Eliezer, details soon

Dalit Eliyahu, details soon

Rabbi Yaakov Kav, details soon.

Rabbi Ben-Zion Vulpo, details soon.

Rabbi Ben Menat, details soon.

Sara Aurbach, details soon.

Rachel Rabinovitz, details soon.

Shmulick Marzel, details soon.

Yaakov Rozental, details soon.

Gil Shourka, details soon.

Ophir Laufer, details soon.

Rabbi Eliezer Greenboim, A science student at youth. Repented after three years of research. Graduate of the Slabodka and Hebron Yeshivas. An ordained rabbi with extended religious and general education. For years he held public positions including membership in the Beit Shemesh City Council and supervisor of various subjects including raising hundreds of millions shekels for the city’s education system.

Binyamin Shmuel Nakonechni, details soon

Rayah-Adi Ben Yaakov, details soon

Ariel Galili, details soon.

Gil Oren, details soon

Shimrit Chen, details soon

Osnat Avnaim 48 years old, married, lives in moshav Hazorim, Israel.
Worked in Poria Medical Center for 21 years (11 years as Secretary of the Pathology Department, and the last 10 years in the Department of Oncology). In addition, she is the coordinator of clinical studies in the Oncology department. Volunteer giving spiritual support  to Hospis Patients . Since 2008 practicing complementary medicine.  2009 study of Clinical research coordinator in  University of Haifa, Israel.

Trond AharonsonAfter years of research and clinical practice I would like to present my findings and experiences to science and the general public. This is a subject that has no official language, is hotly disputed, but is still taught in all cultures under numerous images and symbols.I claim there is an energetic/ electromagnetic and quantum field reality which can be physically experienced by the majority of human kind. I call this “Quantum Reality”. The energy I term “Xi”. Xi is a key to experiencing life through electro sensitivity.  I was born in the Land of the Midnight Sun in Northern Norway. I was always an original thinker who found school difficult. Throughout my youth i had studied the martial arts, and years later I developed my own style, that i named Moxite. Through the application of martial Moxite I began to develop the other half of the whole, the healing Moxite. I discovered that the healing energy I produced through my hands and eyes could be used to help virtually any condition or disease, but in addition to this i could draw a complete new type of grid and lattice system of the body that showed exact points of energy stress and trauma in each individual. By applying pressure to these points of blockage they could be released, thus boosting the whole healing process tremendously.

Michael Yoseph Yoskovitz, details soon

Dr. Nitza Kasher, details soon

Yehoshua Inbal , a Torah scholar and teacher in Modi’in Illit, wrote several books, one of them is  the “Torah-shebealpeh” (in the Hochschule Mossad Harav Kook), which deals with the history of the Oral Law in the light of research. He is a member of the  Talmudic Encyclopedia and Yeshurun. Head of the research team of a society of values dealing with biblical history, in the development stages of a theory that claims unity between the laws of nature and the dynamics of the laws of the Torah.